Open House - Celebration of Online Launch of Revolution & Religion 4-2-15

Celebrate the Online Launch

of the High-Quality Film
The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion,
A Dialogue Between
In November 2014, the Revolutionary Christian Dr. Cornel West and the Revolutionary Communist leader Bob Avakian dialogued on a question of great importance in today's world. The film brings you inside their exchange: the passion, the audacity, the science, the morality, and most of all the deep substance of their call for fundamental change, for revolution, in the face of the horrors of the world today.

Thursday April 2
6:30-8:30 at Revolution Books

2425 Channing Way near Telegraph
Come and pick up a copy of the DVD, hang out for an informal discussion, view clips, meet the bookstore staff.

EMERGENCY: The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People, and This Must STOP! Webcast with Cornel West & Carl Dix - 4-6-15

Monday April 6 at 7pm Revolution Books will host a Webcast of an event by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:
EMERGENCY: The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People, and This Must STOP!
A CALL TO ACTION from Cornel West & Carl Dix speaking in person in New York on Monday, April 6, 7:00pm

Come hear Cornel West and Carl Dix speak about what needs to be done and massive national outpourings on April 14. #ShutDownA14
Special Messages from Alice Walker & others (to be announced)
After the protests of last year, after promises were made and investigations were launched, after hundreds of protesters were arrested... the police are still getting away with killing people, especially Black and Latino people. This must STOP!

Speak Out and Call to Action: Stop Police Brutality and Murder! 4-7-15 at UCB

We received this announcement from the Revolution Club:

A Speak Out and Call to Action: 
Stop Police Brutality and Murder!
Tuesday, April 7 at 3:00-5:00pm
Multicultural Center, UC Berkeley 
by Bancroft & Bowditch

Speakers include...

Dionne Smith Downs & Carrie Downs, parents of James Rivera, murdered by Stockton police; Angela Naggie, mother of O'Shaine Evans, murdered by SFPD; Laurie Valdez, wife of Antonio Guzman Lopez, murdered by SJSU police; Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Revolution Club, Bay Area 
Additional Speakers TBA
Building for..........
Tuesday, April 14: National Day to SHUT IT DOWN

No school! No work!
STOP business as usual. 
Say NO MORE to the system giving a green light to killer cops! 
We will NOT go back! 

OAKLAND: 1PM, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway
SAN FRANCISCO: 12 Noon, 24th and Mission 
STOCKTON: 12:30PM, Pacific Ave and March Lane

Check out Stanford student putting out the challenge to stand up, fight back, and shut it down on April 14. Watch, spread, even better make your own photo or video for #ShutDownA14:  
Sponsored by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and Revolution Club, Bay Area

APRIL 14, 2015 - #ShutDownA14 - Stop Business As Usual - STOP MURDER BY POLICE!

  • Oakland 1 PM, Oscar Grant Corner, 14th & Broadway 
  • San Francisco 12noon, 24th & Mission St. BART Plaza 
  • Stockton 12:30, Pacific Ave & March Lane

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