Sir! No Sir! view & discuss film About The GI Movement Against The War In Vietnam by David Zeiger, Thrs. 7-27-17 7pm

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Thurs. July 27th 7pm

Sir! No Sir!
A Film About The GI Movement 
Against The War In Vietnam 
by David Zeiger
(Donations at the door)
In the 1960's an anti-war movement emerged within the U.S. military spreading throughout the country and into the battlefields of Vietnam.Yet today few people know about the GI movement against the war in Vietnam.

Sir! No Sir!
1.) Brings to life the history of the GI movement through the stories of those who were part of it; 
2.) Reveals the explosion of defiance that the movement gave birth to with never-before-seen archival material; 
3.) Explores the profound impact that movement had on the military and the war itself; and 
4.) The film also tells the story of how and why the GI Movement has been erased from the public memory.
As the Trump/Pence Regime threatens to expand and intensify already existing wars of U.S. domination and even threatens nuclear war, this powerful portrayal of the hidden story of U.S. soldiers in revolt against the war, the army, and in some cases the system itself is more urgent than ever.

Beyond the Ban: Stories of Immigrants and Immigration, Sat. July 1, 4-6pm

Beyond the Ban: Stories of Immigrants and
Saturday, July 1st from 4-6 PM
Documentation, borders, deportation –it’s not your typical bedtime story. Yet it is part of the political reality many children face in America.

In the midst of an increasingly hostile atmosphere and legislation targeting immigrants, these kinds of books shed an important light on the stories, hopes and dreams of immigrants.

Revolution Books invites readers young and old to join us for an afternoon of storytelling and discussion with Sarah Cronin featuring five wonderful books for children.

Featured speaker: Sarah Cronin, Youth Educator and Freelance Journalist for

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