International Women’s Day PROTEST & DINNER 3-8-15


International Women’s Day
Break the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women
as a Mighty Force for Revolution!

2 events for Sunday March 8, 2015:

PROTEST Archbishop Cordileone's Immorality Clause.
10:00 AM at Saint Mary' s Cathedral, 1111 Gough Street in San Francisco

Salvatore Cordileone, long-time enemy of abortion rights and gay marriage,  has imposed a “Morality Clause” on all the teachers in Catholic schools in San Francisco, which condemns the supposed “grave evils” of things like homosexuality, abortion, masturbation, and sex outside of marriage. Come out and STAND UP! Love is NOT a sin, sex is NOT a sin, abortion is NOT a sin, and there is NOTHING SACRED about keeping people down.

Stop The patriarchal degradation, and subjugation of all women everywhere, and ALL oppression based on gender or sexual orientation!

Dinner for Revolutionary International Women's Day
6 PM at St. Columba Church, 6401 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville, CA (at Alcatraz Ave.)

Break bread and celebrate with Revolution Books, the Revolution Club, and Stop Patriarchy. We need a tidal wave of powerful revolutionary struggle to put an END to all forms of enslavement, degradation, abuse, and oppression of women. And to do this as a central and driving element of the revolution needed to emancipate all of humanity.

WANTED TO PARTICIPATE: Poets, Cooks, Singers & Musicians - Call Revolution Books at 510-848-1196

SPONSORS: Revolution Books; Revolution Club, Bay Area; and Stop Patriarchy

Discussion - Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” vs. Actually Confronting the Climate Crisis 3-10-15

Tuesday March 10 at 7pm Come to a discussion of the article on Revcom:

Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” vs. Actually Confronting the Climate Crisis

Naomi Klein’s influential book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate evades confronting the actual forces behind the climate emergency and rules out the radical changes the crisis demands.

2014 was the warmest year in Earth’s recorded history. The ice caps at the North and South poles are melting and sea levels are rising; extreme storms hit harder and more often; carbon in the atmosphere is turning the oceans more acidic, posing great threats to marine life.

We face a real and accelerating climate emergency. It is driven by the relentless burning of oil, coal, and natural gas; destruction of rain forests; and environmentally harmful agriculture. Scientists warn of the mass loss of species, of human civilization being compromised, even the possibility of a planet on which human beings can no longer survive—if things continue as they are.

Elias Castillo discusses "A Cross of Thorns: The Enslavement of California's Indians by the Spanish Missions" 3-19-15


7 pm Thursday, March 19, 2015
Elias Castillo discusses his new book. A Cross of Thorns delivers a damning indictment of the enslavement of California's Indians by the Spanish Missions.  It is especially timely in light of the fact that the Pope has said he plans to declare Father Junipero Serra a saint.  Serra was the key founder of California's Spanish missions.  Serra has been sharply criticized by Native Americans for his role in their abuse and genocidal treatment.

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