7pm Tues 7-12-16 Movie Night - "Mustang"

Mustang is a beautiful and deeply moving film about the irrepressible spirit of five young sisters coming of age in modern-day rural Turkey and fighting not to be crushed by the heavy weight of tradition’s chains on women. Mustang is at the same time filled with the exuberance and untamed spirit of youth. It makes you ache for the liberation of women and all of humanity from all forms of oppressive relations. “Mustang” is the debut feature by Deniz Gamze Erg├╝ven, nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film in 2015.

“Mustang isn’t about the girls’ oppression; it’s about their heroic response to it.” The Telegraph

7pm Tues. 6-28-16 Movie Night with the Revolution Club - "After Tiller"

Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in May 2009, there are only four American doctors left who openly provide third-trimester abortions. After Tiller paints a complex, compassionate portrait of these physicians—Dr. LeRoy Carhart, Dr. Warren Hern, Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella—who have become the new number-one targets of the anti-abortion movement, yet continue to risk their lives every day to do work that many believe is murder, but which they believe is profoundly important for their patients’ lives. Intimate, thought-provoking, and and deeply moving, After Tiller provides an unprecedented look of one of the most important topics of our time.

See the film. Stay for the discussion.

GIANT Used book sale fundraiser for Rev Books Friday-Monday, June 23-27


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7pm Wed. 6-22-16 Yaa Gyasi reads from her new novel Homegoing

Homegoing traces three hundred years in Ghana and in the U.S. Two half-sisters, Effia and Esi, are born into different villages in eighteenth-century Ghana. Effia is married off to an Englishman and lives in comfort in the palatial rooms of Cape Coast Castle. Unbeknownst to Effia, her sister, Esi, is imprisoned beneath her in the castle’s dungeons, sold with thousands of others into the Gold Coast’s booming slave trade, and shipped off to America, where her children and grandchildren will be raised in slavery.

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