Unfinished Business The Japanese American Internment Cases, film showing, June 29 Thurs 7pm

June 29 Thurs. 7pm 
The Japanese American Internment Cases 
directed by Steven Okazaki 
 film & discussion

In 1942, the U.S. government rounded up more than 110,000 Japanese Americans on the west coast and forced them into concentration camps. Three young men defied this and served jail time. This film documents their fight to overturn their sentences 40 years later. Today with a fascist regime in power, there is an urgent need to learn from this history and to commit ourselves to act to stop what the U.S. did to the Japanese from happening again, to anyone. Never again!

Beyond the Ban: Stories of Immigrants and Immigration, Sat. July 1, 4-6pm

Beyond the Ban: Stories of Immigrants and
Saturday, July 1st from 4-6 PM
Documentation, borders, deportation –it’s not your typical bedtime story. Yet it is part of the political reality many children face in America.

In the midst of an increasingly hostile atmosphere and legislation targeting immigrants, these kinds of books shed an important light on the stories, hopes and dreams of immigrants.

Revolution Books invites readers young and old to join us for an afternoon of storytelling and discussion with Sarah Cronin featuring five wonderful books for children.

Featured speaker: Sarah Cronin, Youth Educator and Freelance Journalist for TheAntiMedia.org

film showing: All of Me Llévate Mis Amores (in Spanish, English subtitles) Thurs June 22, 7pm

All of Me, Llévate Mis Amores (2014) directed by Arturo González Villaseñor. Thousands of immigrants risk their lives riding on top of
“La Bestia,” the freight train traveling through Mexico, in order to get to the U.S. This is the story and voices of Las Patronas, a group of women in La Patrona, Mexico, who have thrown food and bottles of water to the immigrants as they speed by on the moving train since 1995.   

Special Guest presentation by artist, 
Talavera-Ballón who painted “Mujeres Luz,” a series inspired by the film. He is a Peruvian-born painter who has exhibited in galleries, museums and universities across Perú, Chile, Argentina and the U.S.

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