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NoViolet Bulawayo - We Need New Names - benefit for Revolution Books 7pm, Tues. 9-15-15

Download posters for this event:  8.5x11"  or  11x17"

 Ten-year-old Darling and her friends navigate their shantytown with the exuberance and mischievous spirit of children everywhere. But they are shadowed by memories of Before. Before their homes were destroyed by paramilitary policemen, before the schools closed, before their fathers left for dangerous jobs abroad. When Darling escapes to suburban America, she finds that—far from the comforts of her childhood community—America’s abundance is hard to reach, and she reckons alone with the sacrifices and mixed rewards of assimilating.

Channeling the rhythm and vibrancy of the storytellers who raised her in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo tells a potent story of displacement and arrival, at once disarmingly playful and devastatingly candid, with a power all its own.

NoViolet Bulawayo is the author of We Need New Names (May 2013) which has been recognized with the LA Times Book Prize Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction, the Pen/Hemingway Award, the Etisalat Prize for Literature, and the National Book Foundation “5 Under 35” Fiction Selection. We Need New Names was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the Guardian First Book Award, and selected to the New York Times Notable Books of 2013.

Screening - clips from BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! 8-23-15

Sunday, August 23
2-4pm at the Oakland Main Public Library
125 14th St., Meeting Room

What will it take to end the oppression of Black people? What's the crucial role Black people can play in ending, at long last, the system that has terrorized them in a thousand ways? And what's the strategy for that revolution? We'll watch clips (one hour) from the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live and spend the rest of the time wrangling over these questions, learning from each other, etc.  

Sponsored by Revolution Books and the BA Everywhere Committee. The Oakland Public Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.

Webcast: People's Hearing for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology - Live from Mississippi 8-7-15

August 7, Friday, 5 p.m.

LIVE webcast, "People's Hearing for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology - Live from Mississippi," sponsored by Stop Patriarchy, which will shine a light on what is happening in Mississippi and how it is a concentration of a nationwide state of emergency for abortion rights and a whole war on women, featuring Diane Derzis, the owner of the last clinic in Mississippi, Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution and initiator of Stop Patriarchy, stories from before Roe vs. Wade when abortion was illegal in the U.S. and thousands of women died each year, and testimony from girls and women in Mississippi and elsewhere who lack access to abortion, are shamed and stigmatized when they do manage to surmount the many hurdles, or are forced into motherhood against their will.

Who is Stop Patriarchy?

Bay Area Kick-off Meeting for #RiseUpOctober! 8-2-15

We received the following from SMIN, Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

Sunday August 2
2-5 pm
First Congregational Church, 27th and Harrison, Oakland CA
Bay Area Kick-off Meeting to Shut Down New York City to Stop Police Murder!

For more info: 510-404-3628

to STOP Police Terror
A Call From Cornel West and Carl Dix


Michael Brown…Freddie Gray… Rekia Boyd… Andy Lopez…Tamir Rice

One after another -- and so many others, precious Black and Brown lives – victims of police murder. We think of their faces, and furiously ache for justice. Over 1000 people a year killed by police – yet since 2005, less than 60 indictments, less than 25 convictions!

Millions languish in prison, generation after generation, Black and Latino brothers and sisters. The spear point of a whole matrix of oppression.

People have struggled, resisted, risen up. This must go on and go further – all summer, in many different ways, intensifying. At the same time, these repeated outrages cry out for a major, national manifestation this fall that states very clearly:

This demonstration will be resistance-based, uncompromising in spirit and, at the same time, pluralistic and diverse, involving hundreds of thousands of people, reaching into every corner of this society and powerfully impacting the whole world. History has shown that no significant change has been won without mass determined resistance.

We refuse to be derailed by promises of reform that are merely that: promises. We refuse to be intimidated by government repression or by threats from forces of open and unrepentant racism and fascism. We will respond to the urgency of the political situation by mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets to say these horrors must stop.

We aim to amplify the many forms of resistance against police murder and mass incarceration. More important, we aim to change the whole social landscape, to the point where a growing section of people all over take ever-increasing initiative and make it unmistakably clear that they refuse to live in a society that sanctions this outrage, and where those who do NOT feel this way are put on the defensive. 


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