Video showing: The Battle for Berkeley -- Why It's Right and Righteous to Drive Fascists Off Campus, Out of Berkeley & Out of Office - 5-14-17

Come and view the talk by Sunsara Taylor
6pm Sunday May 14 at Revolution Books

On May 4th, Sunsara Taylor began her speech at the University of California Campus by quoting Ann Coulter's insistence that Black children be publicly whipped, along with other shocking quotes. While many have heard Coulter's name, in recent weeks as two sides battled over whether Coulter would be allowed to speak at Berkeley's campus, few had read and taken seriously the content and impact of Coulter's words, so this set an important context for the speech and discussion that Sunsara Taylor led that night. About 150 people turned out to hear Taylor give a talk called, “The Battle for Berkeley: Why It Is Right, and Righteous, to Drive Fascists Off Campus, Out of Berkeley, and Out of Power!”

In recent months, a series of “intellectual” hitmen—including Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Milo Yiannopoulos—have targeted the UC Berkeley campus and on two occasions ready-to-brawl fascist militia types have amassed in downtown Berkeley by the hundreds. Taylor insisted that this cannot be ignored, that it will not “go away” on its own, and is closely linked to the imposition of fascism across the country by the Trump/Pence Regime. Berkeley has become a flash point with high stakes in this larger battle precisely because of its radical history and because if the fascists succeed in making inroads in Berkeley, it will greatly strengthen their hand in consolidating fascism and suppressing opposition nationwide.

At the core of Taylor's presentation and the contentious question and answer that followed was her insistence that the issue was not “free speech”—as most in the media and on campus are claiming—but the right and responsibility of the people to resist and drive fascists out of power in this country before it is too late.

Refuse Fascism event 5-4-17: Why it's right, and righteous to drive fascists off campus, out of Berkeley...and out of power!


The Battle for Berkeley: Why it’s Right, and Righteous, to Drive Fascists Off Campus, Out of Berkeley... and Out of Power!

A Talk and a Challenge to Debate by Sunsara Taylor

Thursday, May 4, 6pm
Hearst Field Annex Building D, Room D37
University of California Campus, Berkeley
On May 4th, on UC Berkeley Campus, Sunsara Taylor will speak on, “Why it's Right, and Righteous, to Drive Fascists Off Campus, Out of Berkeley... and Out of Power!”
A week after Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak on campus, and as the national spotlight remains on Berkeley for the cancellation of her speech, Sunsara Taylor argues, “The issue is not 'free speech.' the issue is fascism being imposed on America. Ann Coulter is a fascist operative with close ties to the Trump/Pence Regime. It is not only right, but righteous, to drive fascists like her off campus, out of Berkeley, and more than that, out of power!”
Taylor continued, “Far from being persecuted or suppressed by the state for her ideas, Coulter's ideas are being imposed on the world by the most powerful state in the history of humanity. Every day, the fascist Trump/Pence Regime is slamming ahead to implement precisely the kind of genocidal racism, woman-hating cruelty, war-mongering ambitions, planet-destroying lies, and anti-immigrant ethnic-cleansing she promotes. Meanwhile, Trump is attacking the press, threatening to strip the citizenship rights of people who burn the flag, and moving rapidly to consolidate a fascist America.”
Taylor has also issued a challenge to Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders—or anyone else who wants to join them in defending the right of Coulter to speak — to debate.

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