See—and share—this talk, a film of Bob Avakian’s new speech addressing the most urgent question of the day: how to understand, and what to do about, the threat to humanity itself posed by the Trump/Pence regime. This talk—from the most radical revolutionary on the planet—makes the case for massive, sustained nonviolent outpourings to begin on Nov. 4. It traces the roots of the regime—the deeper and more immediate causes of its rise to power. Released Oct. 15.

Tuesday August 10 at 7 pm: Report-back from Arizona Freedom Summer

On July 29, Arizona's anti-immigration law, SB1070, went into effect. Rafael will report back on building resistance to the law, declaring a “No Deportations Zone” in a Phoenix barrio, demonstrating in the streets on July 29, bringing the revolution we need and the leadership we have to Phoenix and Tucson.  “We don’t have an immigration problem. We have a capitalism problem.”

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