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Killed by Oakland Police: Derrick Jones Didn't Have to Die—The Whole System Is Guilty

Derrick Jones: killed by OPD 11/8/10 photo courtesy Jones family


Derrick Jones Didn't Have to Die—The Whole System Is Guilty click to read Revolution article

Oakland barber Derrick "D.D" Jones, a 37 year old father, was chased, tased and gunned down at close range by several OPD officers on Monday, November 8.

Thursday, November 11 at 3 pm, the friends and family of Derrick Jones called on people to march and rally for justice! About 200 people gathered at Bancroft near Seminary near Derrick's shop, Kwik Cuts. They marched 25 blocks to Fruitvale Bart, scene of the police murder of Oscar Grant.

Friday November 12 another protest of about 50 people rallied in front of the barbershop. Shortly after the rally, Derrick's brother was arrested several blocks away, cuffed and taken away by police who claimed to suspect him of DUI. This police harrassment of the family must stop!
Memorial outside D.D,'s barbershop

Marching down International Blvd. 11/11/10

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