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Rally & Hearing in Sacramento Against Torture in Prisons 8/23

Rally & Speakout: Tuesday, August 23, 11:30 AM, State Assembly Building (South Steps), Sacramento CA, Legislative Hearing: 1:30 PM (inside)

Support the prisoners! (Read Taking the Movement of Resistance to Mass Incarceration to a Higher Level Thru Unleashing Determined Mass Resistance by Carl Dix)

Carpool with World Can't Wait leaving from the West Oakland BART parking lot at 10 AM Tuesday morning.  Call 415-864-5153 or email
This is a DAY OF ACTION to support the historic prisoner-led protest against torture in California's prisons.  Rep. Tom Ammiano chairs the State Assembly's Public Safety Committee which will hold an informational hearing on conditions and policies of the Security Housing Units at Pelican Bay.

Come and support the courageous prisoners who staged a hunger strike in July and continue to struggle.

On July 1st, prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay State Prison in California started an indefinite hunger strike to protest inhumane & torturous conditions of their imprisonment. (Revolution article The Prisoner Hunger Strike: A Real Inspiration, A Real Beginning by Li Onesto) After more than 6,600 prisoners across a third of CA's prison system joined the strike, the CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR)  agreed to review its gang validation & debriefing policies, and the prisoners won a few concessions. The prisoners in the Pelican Bay SHU representing the hunger strikers agreed to suspend the strike, giving the CDCR a few weeks to implement more substantial changes in response to the hunger strikers' five core demands.

The prisoners now need our support to make sure their voices are heard during this legislative hearing on August 23rd.

Getting to the rally on Tuesday, August 23:

Carpool with World Can't Wait leaving from the West Oakland BART parking lot at 10 AM Tuesday morning.  Call 415-864-5153 or email to reserve a ride, to offer rides, or for more info.

For other rides, including from Southern California:

Bay Area: 415.637.8195 or
Southern California: 714-290-9077 or
for other important information and news:
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Committee

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