See—and share—this talk, a film of Bob Avakian’s new talk addressing the most urgent question of the day: how to understand, and what to do about, the threat to humanity itself posed by the Trump/Pence regime. This talk—from the most radical revolutionary on the planet—makes the case for massive, sustained nonviolent outpourings. It traces the roots of the regime—the deeper and more immediate causes of its rise to power.

Sister Mischief reading by Laura Goode 12-18-11 at Revolution Books

Author Laura Goode will read from her new young adult novel Sister Mischief at Revolution Books on Sunday December 18 at 7 pm.

Sister Mischief is a poignant and often hilarious story of four high school friends in a Minneapolis suburb. These young women are nerds and... they are rebels. Their love for hip hop brings them into conflict with the local Christian fundamentalists and they are faced with the challenge to buckle or fight. Along the way protagonist Esme falls in love and suddenly is forced to contend with homophobia in the midst of everything else.

Join us as Laura reads and raps from "the world's first interracial gay hip-hop love story for teens." She'll discuss important themes from the book including goats covered in Crisco, the pathos of marching bands, lesbians in treehouses, and total word nerdery. Laura will answer virtually any question you throw at her about her "clam-jamming, ruckus-making pursuit of sexual and musical justice.”

Laura Goode's poems and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Faster Times, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Dossier, Slope, Fawlt, and other publications. Follow her on Twitter @lauragoode and visit for total chaos.

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