See—and share—this talk, a film of Bob Avakian’s new talk addressing the most urgent question of the day: how to understand, and what to do about, the threat to humanity itself posed by the Trump/Pence regime. This talk—from the most radical revolutionary on the planet—makes the case for massive, sustained nonviolent outpourings. It traces the roots of the regime—the deeper and more immediate causes of its rise to power.

International Women's Day March 8, 9 events

International Women's Day is a day to call forth the fury of women and unleash it as a mighty force for revolution. It is a day for all who dream of and yearn for a better world to act on the recognition that you cannot break all the chains except one, that if you are serious about winning full liberation you must include the fight for the full liberation of women. It is a day to call forth mass struggle against all forms of enslavement and degradation of women, and it is a day to make all this contribute to hastening the development of a situation where revolution here and all over the world will become possible. 

March 8, Saturday 12 noon, Demonstrate! "Stop the War on Women!"  International Women's Day, St. Mary's Cathedral, S.F., 12:30 p.m. March and Protest at sites of the war on women.  End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women! Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!  Fight for the Liberation of Women All Over the World!

March 9, Sunday 6:30 p.m. International Women's Day Celebration.  Break the Chains, Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution! --Potluck Dinner with International Food at Revolution Books. Bring friends and a dish to share.

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