Hang out with the Revolution Club! Potluck fundraiser 12-16-18 Sun 3-6 pm

Join the Revolution Club for a potluck fundraiser at Revolution Books. Great way to meet the Rev Club & get involved, or just learn more! So far, there's pozole, chilaquiles, collard greens, corn bread, and borscht on the menu:) Bring something to share, or just bring yourself!

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Discussion on Capitalist China & the New Communism 7pm Wednesday 12-5-18

As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates
40 years of "reform and opening up"


*What the Cultural Revolution was really about

*How capitalism was restored in China and what this has meant

*Bob Avakian's New Communism, learning from and advancing beyond Mao





*承并超越毛泽东思想——Bob Avakian的新共