REVOLUTION BOOKS 40th ANNIVERSARY Celebration! Saturday February 29, 2020

Join Sahar Delijani, Rafael Jesús González, Julia Scheeres and Andy Zee to Celebrate 

Revolution Books 40th Anniversary.

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6pm Reception with wine and light refreshments
7pm Program & champagne toast

This is a celebration – as well as a renewed and urgent call for people to support the bookstore. Right as now we face a moment of stark contrast between our hopes and dreams for a better world and the stark reality that great catastrophe looms as fascist regimes rise, and as we confront environmental disaster--Revolution Books embodies the potential bright future for humanity.

Video: The story of the SLAVE REBELLION REENACTMENT 2-20-20

7pm Thursday February 20

Black History Month Video screening  
Artist DREAD SCOTT in conversation with ANDY ZEE

On November 8 and 9, 2019, hundreds of re-enactors retraced the path of the largest rebellion of enslaved people in United States history, embodying a story of resistance, freedom and revolutionary action. This was the German Coast Uprising of 1811, which took place in the river parishes just outside of New Orleans.

In this video of the recent event held at Revolution Books in Harlem, Dread Scott tells and illustrates the story of this tremendous artwork, and discuss its significance with Andy Zee.

Escape From LA (a poetry reading) 7pm February 14 2-14-20

Three radical poets from L.A.are coming to the Bay Area! They will be presenting “poems made of fire”, from Matt Sedillo’s latest collection, Mowing Leaves of Grass; Nikolai Garcia’s first chapbook, Nuclear Shadows of Palm Trees, and Dryland, a literary journal born in South Central L.A., published and edited by Viva Padilla.