Holiday Open House(s) December 15 & 21

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Sunday December 15th 1-6pm
Saturday December 21st 11am-7pm
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If you are a seeker of the truth and are seeking a way out of the horrors confronting humanity and you are beginning to look into a different way the world could the books and engagements that you can find only at Revolution Books.
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Author event:
Saturday, Dec. 21st 4pm: 
John Curl, poet and author will read and sign his latest book The Outlaws of Maroon, an adult novel about the world of children in McCarthy-era New York City.

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Could it really happen here? 6-9pm Wed 12-4-19

 Come watch a livestream of this Teach In with us.

The Trump/Pence Regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity. Concentration Camps on the border… environmental devastation accelerated… the danger of war, even nuclear, threatened… white supremacy rules… fascist mobs and racist mass murderers… truth and science erased… the right to abortion near gone… theocracy threatened… the rule of law and democratic and civil rights are stripped away… THIS IS FASCISM UNFOLDING AND IN POWER.

Fascist speakers descend on college campuses, trying to crack strongholds of “liberal academia” and shut down critical thinking and dissent – with the Universities themselves paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, for security. Trump threatens to cut off funding for campuses where there is meaningful protest against these fascist speakers and school administrators enact policies that shut down ANTI-fascist protest (UCLA is where Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was booed and where people protesting – the UCLA5 – were physically removed from their seats and arrested, dragged through the courts but ultimately acquitted). Recently, UCLA hosted Donald Trump, Jr. in what was the equivalent of a Klan rally with a crowd of hundreds of young fascists cohered around the myth of “white genocide,” organizing for a “white ethnostate.” These views, also held by Stephen Miller, are shaping Trump’s immigration policies of ethnic cleansing. All while DACA hangs in the balance.

Is it right to call this a FASCIST regime? What is fascism? How would a fascist America impact the world? Is it a pendulum swing that can be stopped through elections or a different form of qualitatively more draconian rule that can only be stopped through mass, sustained, non-violent protest in the streets as put forth and initiated by the Call from of #OUTNOW? What role and responsibility do students have?

As young people, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up, but we are never asked what kind of world we want to live in. This is the question we have to lift our sights to – beyond our cell phones and syllabi, beyond our personal aspirations: what’s our responsibility to humanity and the planet?

Co-sponsored by Refuse Fascism, LA and Office of the GSA President, UCLA

Refuse Fascism, LA • 323.946.1742 • • @RefuseFascismLA • 

Namwali Serpell reads from her novel The Old Drift - 7pm Friday 11-8-19

On the banks of the Zambezi River, a few miles from the majestic Victoria Falls, there was once a colonial settlement called the Old Drift. Here begins the epic story of a small African nation, told by a mysterious swarm-like chorus. In 1904, in a smoky room at the hotel across the river, an Old Drifter named Percy M. Clark, foggy with fever, makes a mistake that entangles his fate with those of an Italian hotelier and an African busboy. This error sets off a cycle of unwitting retribution between these three Zambian families, as they continually collide over the course of the century, into the present, and beyond.

“If, as she writes, ‘history is the annals of the bully on the playground,’ then in The Old Drift, Namwali Serpell wreaks havoc on the Zambian annals by rewriting the past, creating a new present, and conjuring an alternative future. In refusing to be bound by genre, Serpell is audacious and shrewd. This is a Zambian history of pain and exploitation, trial and error, and hope and triumph.” —JENNIFER NANSUBUGA MAKUMBI, author of Kintu

“Extraordinary, ambitious, evocative… The Old Drift is an impressive book, ranging skillfully between historical and science fiction, shifting gears between political argument, psychological realism and rich fabulism… a dazzling debut, establishing Namwali Serpell as a writer on the world stage.” -SALMAN RUSHDIE

NAMWALI SERPELL was born in Lusaka, Zambia. She is associate professor of English at UC Berkeley. The Old Drift is her first novel.