Emergency Program to Defend Revolution Books: 6pm Sunday 3-18-18

Why do fascists want to burn down REVOLUTION BOOKS – a place about knowing and radically changing the whole world?
Featuring Andy Zee
Spokesperson for Revolution Books and Co-initiator, RefuseFascism.org
Sunday, March 18, 6pm

On March 3, Fascist thugs attacked Revolution Books Berkeley threatening to BURN IT DOWN. Charlottesville...the Trump/Pence regime...the spectre of the torching of Bookstores... fascists are on the move. Will we stand together to stop it? Will all who value critical thinking and humanity come together and act?

Support Revolution Books: What is going on & what you can do

Pro-Trump fascist thugs threaten to BURN DOWN Revolution Books.  
We will not be intimidated!

On Mar. 3, for the 10th time in recent months, a group of MAGA hat wearing wannabe Nazi book burners attacked Revolution Books. This time they escalated their threats. Who are these fascists and why are they targeting Revolution Books?

Revolution Books' Statement on Fascist Threats 3-3-18

On March 3rd, Saturday afternoon, a handful of Trumpite thugs came to our bookstore, yelled and made threats “we're going to burn down your bookstore.”

Film: THE CIRCLE (Dayereh) 7pm Fri 3-9-18

On the crowded streets of Tehran, running from the police, longing for a cigarette,in a prison cell, The Circle tells the interlocking stories of four women in Iran, forced into the margins of society, and fighting to survive. Beautiful and terrible, The Circle, banned in Iran, is a remarkable film by director, Jafar Panahi, who himself has been jailed for his work. 


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