Panel Discussion of Life of George Washington Mural 7pm Thursday 8-22-19

a section of Life of George Washington fresco by Victor Arnautoff
Panel Discussion of Life of George Washington Mural:
Art, politics, the "founding fathers" and what it will take to get beyond this world of oppression


Dewey Crumpler - Associate Professor of Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and artist who created the "response murals" at George Washington High School

Matt Gonzalez -Chief Attorney of the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. He previously served as president of the SF Board of Supervisors. He is the author of the article "Don’t whitewash history:"

Rafael Kadaris - Revolution Club member & author of the article "Identity Politics Hustlers Sanitize "Life of George Washington"

Lope Yap Jr. - Vice President George Washington High School Association - Reflection and Action Group Panelist: Lone Dissenter - filmmaker

An Evening with Poets Laureate on Social Justice! 6pm Sunday 8-25-19

Join us for a special evening of poetry!

--Ron Riekki - editor of Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice
--Julia Connor, Sacramento Poet Laureate 2005-2009
--Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate 2011-2013
--Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Berkeley Poet Laureate 2017-present
--D.L. Lang, Vallejo Poet Laureate 2017-present
--Dani Gabriel, El Cerrito Poet Laureate 2018-present

Author event: Breaking Cadence - Rosa Del Duca 7pm Wednesday 8-28-19

Rosa del Duca discusses her memoir, Breaking Cadence.

“This book stand as an example of what it takes for someone in the military to stand up for justice, act on their morals, and become a conscientious objector. This story of Rosa del Duca’s spirit and and her tenacity to do follow it is a beacon to shine the light for others who choose not to be the cannon fodder of empire.”
-Dahr Jamail, Iraq war reporter and author of The End of Ice

Rosa del Duca is a writer, teacher and musician. She grew up a tomboy in rural Montana, where she joined the Army National Guard at seventeen. During her six-year contract, she became not only a conscientious objector, but a feminist and unlikely rebel. That tumultuous time is the focus of her memoir.

Giant Book Sale for the Revolution 8-30-19 thru 9-2-19

Hundreds of immigrants arrested at work, children ripped away from their parents. Police beating down, mass-incarcerating, and kill off Black and Latino youth. Racists are unleashed to massacre people. For women, the right to control their own bodies is being eliminated. The rights of LGBTQ people are taken away.  The planet burns hotter... and Trump threatens war, to grab an even bigger share of the world. Hell No! All this must stop! A better world IS possible.

Right now the National Revolution Tour is in Chicago to develop a mass movement for revolution, and an organized force growing into thousands,as part of ORGANIZING all over the country for a revolution to get to that world.  $50,000 is needed by the end of the month for transportation, food, housing, and to print materials. 

Revolution Books is the intellectual, political and cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution. Here people can be introduced to and explore the new communism developed by Bob Avakian: a whole new framework for human emancipation.

YOU are needed to be a part of this revolutionary community:

Call RB 510-848-1196. Donate books by August 25. Spread the word about the sale through social media, fliers and word of mouth. Volunteer to help sort books Aug 26-29.  Take a shift on the days of the sale.

Call or email to volunteer. 

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood public reading/release party Tues 7pm 9-10-19

Get your copy of THE TESTAMENTS. Find out what happened to Offred of THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

"Dear Readers: Everything you've ever asked me about Gilead and its inner workings is the inspiration for this book. Well, almost everything! The other inspiration is the world we've been living in." 
—Margaret Atwood