The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! [watch-discuss-ACT] 7pm Friday 9-14-18

It’s True And You Know It:

Trump IS Unhinged, And His Whole Regime IS A Danger To Humanity.


P is for Palestine: A Palestine Alphabet Book - with author Golbarg Bashi - 3:30pm Friday 9-14-18

P is for Palestine: A Palestine Alphabet Book by Golbarg Bashi is the first book in independent publisher Dr. Bashi's' Diverse Children's Books Series. It is also the world's first English-language ABC story book about Palestine, told in simple rhythmic rhyme with stunning illustrations to act as an educational, colorful, empowering reference for children, showcasing the geography, the beauty and strength of Palestinian culture. P is for Palestine was chosen as 1 of 4 recommended books by the panel of judges for the 2018 Palestine Book Awards, The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) in London.

Join us Friday afternoon for a presentation, Q and A and book signing with Dr. Bashi. 

Discussion & Action Planning: STOP! Capitalism-Imperialism from Destroying Our Planet! 7pm, Thurs. 9-6-18

7pm, Thurs. 9-6-18

Important article:

Discussion & Action Planning for
  • the 9-8-18 Rise for Climate March (Revolution Contingent)
  • the 9-12-18 Global Climate Action Summit (protest action)

The Handmaid's Tale - Watch-Discuss-Act Friday 7pm 8-31-18

In the near future, fascist military officers, seizing on a crisis triggered by declining fertility rates and using an alleged terrorist attack as a pretext, take power in most of what was the United States. They establish the "Republic of Gilead," a theocracy in which biblical law and patriarchal values-as updated and interpreted by the new rulers-are increasingly imposed.  Women are assigned strict roles-some bear children, some do household work, some heavy and dangerous labor.

This is the world of The Handmaid's Tale, an original TV series which first aired in 2017.  It  is fiction... sort of,  based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. Revolution Books invites you to watch some of this series and join in discussion about the film and about acting to STOP this fiction from becoming a reality. 

Revolutionary Communism vs. "Democratic Socialism" 7pm Tuesday 8-28-18

August 28, Tuesday

Revolutionary Commmunism 
"Democratic Socialism"

Democratic socialists-at their "most radical"-want to "redistribute the wealth"
within the U.S. But think for a minute: Where does this great wealth come from? All the riches and resources piled up by capitalist-imperialist America have come, and come in large part, first from slavery and the theft of land domestically, and from its relentless economic, political, and military domination of the masses of people all over the world...

Without a revolution that overthrows the whole system of capitalism-imperialism, all you're doing is redistributing spoils and plunder atop this food chain, leaving intact the vast exploitative and oppressive economic and social relations that underlie this, crushing lives and destroying spirits. Fuck that. Only an internationalist revolution-one that immediately ends the U.S.'s exploitative economic relations and military dominance around the world, and views the newly liberated territory as a base area for revolution worldwide-is worth making. And only a society committed to that principle and outlook can stay on the road to an emancipated world.

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