"STRANGER FRUIT" screening. This new film documents the 2014 police murder of 18 year old Michael Brown, in Ferguson. Fri. June 15, 7pm

Stranger Fruit, the new film by Jason Pollock, documents the police murder of 18 year old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. Interviews with eyewitnesses describe how he held his hands up while he was shot multiple times-- for walking in the middle of a street! There was an upsurge of protest which spread nationwide. The film exposes coverup and lies by police and prosecutors and much of the media.

Stay for a discussion on Michael Brown, the epidemic of police murder, the deep and systemic oppression of Black and Latinos and how it can be ended through revolution.

Statements of Support for Rev Books against Fascist Threat to Burn Down the Bookstore

Statements received during 2018
In Support for Rev Books Against
The Fascist Threat to Burn Down the Bookstore

     NEW YORK—Revolution Books and its employees must be free to operate without fear for their safety, PEN America said ​in a statement ​today.
     Revolution Books in Berkeley, an independent bookstore that is affiliated with the Revolutionary Communist Party, a political party within the United States, and that specializes in selling books from a leftist political standpoint, has been the target of a sustained protest campaign by right-wing activists for the past several months. This campaign has at points flared into threats and violence.  
     Most recently, on March 3, a group of right-wing activists protested the store. During a verbal altercation caught on video, one protest​e​r exclaimed “We’re gonna burn down your bookstore, you know that right?” In a previous protest, captured on videotape, a person protesting the bookstore elbowed a bookstore supporter in the face. In recent months, Revolution Books employees have also reportedly been “doxed” (their personal information shared online without their consent) and received threatening phone calls.
     “Political disagreements are one thing. Threatening to burn down a bookstore is another, and is unacceptable,​” said Summer Lopez, Senior Director of Free Expression at PEN America. “While protests and calls to boycott are of course free and protected speech, that is no excuse for threats, violence, or sustained harassment. Now more than ever, we need to recognize and cherish the right of bookstores to offer books with diverse points of view from across the political spectrum.”
     The protests against the store reportedly began in September 2017, when—after a visit from right-wing provocateur Milo Y​i​annopoulos to University of California, Berkeley resulted in protests against his speech—a group of 30 to 40 people stormed Revolution Books and confronted shoppers.
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"KILLING GAZA" screening of the documentary Thurs. June 7, 7pm at REVOLUTION BOOKS

Journalists Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal’s documentary of Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza. This film is a documentary about Palestinian resilience and suffering and a chilling visual document of war crimes committed by the Israeli military, backed by the U.S., featuring direct testimony and evidence from the survivors. The film is a testimony of the Palestinian people, not simply as victims but as human beings. It lets the people tell the story in a way only they can. While giving voice to the pain of a people under siege, Cohen and Blumenthal also highlighted Gazans’ inspiring acts of creative resistance, from painting to break-dancing to literature, that allow them to maintain their humanity in the face of deprivation and war.

For the past 2 months, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been protesting in the “Great March of Return” at the border wall with Israel. 112 Palestinians have been killed (mainly by Israeli snipers) and over 13,190 wounded.

Protest Christian Fascist Franklin Graham TODAY FRIDAY JUNE 1

Protest Christian fascist preacher Franklin Graham in Berkeley June 1! He is holding a religious “revival” - it is in fact another brick in the wall of the Trump/Pence regime. Trump would not be president without the Christian fundamentalist faithful. And the Trump/Pence regime has been busy carrying out the whole Handmaid’s tale/white supremacist/Holy War against Islam/end-times agenda that Graham has been working on for many years. Franklin Graham? In Berkeley? Hell no!
Meet at 6PM in Berkeley at the corner of University and 6th St. 
(at the foot of the bridge going over the freeway).
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