Emergency Meeting on the Mehserle Trial on July 13 at 7pm

The killing of Oscar Grant, an unarmed 22-year-old Black man, was a
cold-blooded murder. It was a towering crime. This verdict is a slap
on the wrist. It is another crime of the system.
Under the law, 2nd degree murder is the unjustified, intentional
killing of a human being. Involuntary manslaughter is a much lesser
offense, and carries a much lighter sentence. We saw the videos. From
the beginning, the cops were the ones driving the action. Detained,
lying face down, putting his hands behind his back while one cop
kneeled on his neck, Oscar was shot in the back. Cold-blooded murder,
a totally unjustified and brutal act.
Think about it: If this case did not involve police, the situation
would be completely different.
Imagine if seven ordinary people had swarmed the BART platform that
night, rousted people off the train--cursing them with racist
epithets-- kicking, and shoving people to the ground, and then killing
a man who was lying face down --shooting him in the back. Imagine if
dozens of people had seen it. If they videotaped it. What had happened
wouldn’t even be a question. It would be obvious. Murder.
This Involuntary manslaughter verdict tells cops everywhere they can
kill and get away with it. And this verdict tells the people that
when we or people we love are gunned down, a slap on the wrist to a
cop is the best that we can get.
Let's tell the truth - this system lets cops get away with brutality
and murder every single day. The only reason that Mehserle even had
to face murder charges at all - and everyone should know this almost
never happens - is because the people rose up and fought for justice.
And now the defenders of this system are saying that the battle for
justice hurt the people. Bullshit. It’s the system the cops enforce
with their brutality that hurts the people.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to live in a society
where our youth are gunned down by the police who away with it over
and over, where immigrants are criminalized by just the way they look,
where oil gushes into the gulf and marshes week after week killing
rich sea life and a whole way of life for many thousands. We could
build a society where police brutality and other injustices are done
away with and people work together to build a new society. Building
that kind of society would take a revolution. We need such a
revolution and right now we are building a movement for revolution.

The system is rotten. We don’t have to live this way.
We need a Real Revolution!