Jon Peterson, Hertha Sweet Wong, Larry Everest: Israel - Bastion of Enlightenment… or Enforcer for Imperialism -- Teach In Tuesday Oct 26, 6:30 pm at International House, UCB

26 members of a family killed by Israel 2009 in sieige on Gaza
TEACH-IN Speakers:

HERTHA SWEET WONG, UCB Professor & participant in the Gaza Freedom Movement
JON PETERSON, psychiatrist & participant in the Gaza Freedom Movement
LARRY EVEREST, writer for Revolution newspaper and author of Oil, Power & Empire

The state of Israel is projected to the world as an outpost of democracy and tolerance in a sea of hostile, intolerant Islam bent on its destruction. To be considered a credible mainstream voice in U.S. politics, academia, or the media, one must present Israel as a front line of defense against Jihad, and a critical fortress defending "our way of life."

But what is the actual history of Israel, and what is its strategic relationship with the U.S.? What is life like under Israeli occupation? Does the Holocaust justify the creation of the state of Israel? Why were powerful forces mobilized to halt the UCB divestment campaign?

Answering these questions is not about "competing narratives"—the question here is what is true... and what is just. This teach-in will examine the history of Israel and the actual dynamics that have led to today's situation.

6:30 pm - 10/26
Special venue 2299 Piedmont Ave
Ida Sproul Room, International House

Revolution Books recommends people check out the special issue of Revolution newspaper on Israel,  which paints a vivid and rigorously documented picture of Israel ’s crimes against the Palestinians, Israel’s role around the world, and the danger of war with Iran, speaking directly and honestly to peoples’ toughest questions.