Larry Everest: First Hand from Gulf: Capitalist Oil Disaster....A System Not Fit To Be Caretaker of the Planet, at Revolution Books Oct 28

Larry Everest “First Hand from the Gulf: A Capitalist Oil Disaster....A System Not Fit To Be Caretaker of the Planet”

Presentation, video and discussion with Larry Everest, author of Behind the Poison Cloud – Union Carbide’s Bhopal Massacre; and Oil, Power & Empire, who lived in the Gulf for four months organizing and reporting for Revolution newspaper.

* The BP oil disaster up close – devastating ecosystems, shattering lives

* How capitalism and profit-in-command created the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history

* Why the Obama administration and BP lied about the scope of the disaster and BP’s criminally inadequate efforts to stop it – and why they now claim millions of gallons of crude have magically disappeared and the disaster is over

* Why the U.S. is compelled to “drill baby drill” and resume dangerous deep water drilling – before the Deepwater Horizon disaster has even been fully studied

* How a revolutionary socialist society would end addiction to fossil fuels by transforming the structure of industrial production, agriculture and transport (for background see also Some Key Principles of Socialist Sustainable Development)

Thursday, October 28 at 7 pm
Revolution Books – 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley