“Revolution is Not a Tea Party” midterm elections discussion. Wednesday Nov 3, 7pm at Revolution Books

If you're shocked, outraged, confused, terrified, or just want to discuss what's really going on, come to Revolution Books tonight.  We'll be discussing the midterm elections, drawing on "Revolution is Not a Tea Party"  and other analysis from Revolution newspaper:

* what is the Tea Party really about?
* what's behind it's rise, and what do these elections represent?
* are Obama and the Democrats the only realistic alternative?

Discussion of the midterm elections drawing on “Revolution is Not a Tea Party” by Revolution newspaper:

Revolution is NOT a Tea Party!

You've seen them all summer long.

The angry mobs in Arizona, overwhelmingly white, threatening immigrants—and sometimes carrying out their threats. The ones in New York City, and in many much smaller towns, demonstrating—and, again, threatening violence—against the right of Muslims to have places of worship and painting all Muslims as "enemies" in the so-called "war on terror." They call civil rights groups racists—while they themselves post vicious racist "jokes" on their web sites
, and make openly racist slurs against Obama. And there they were again, last Saturday in DC, rallying at the behest of the reactionary Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck, in a show of "Christian soldier" piety—to anoint their vicious edge with holy water and to "sanctify" the blood-soaked U.S. military in particular.

This is the Tea Party movement and their allies. They clothe themselves in the symbols and rhetoric of the 1776 American revolution. But beneath the costume of that previous revolution beats the heart of 21st-century counter-revolution—an American fascist movement. (read entire article here)

November 3, Wednesday, 7 pm