Tyler Clementi - suicide of gay Rutgers student. Discussion at Revolution Books: "The Culture that Killed Tyler Clementi" (Oct 20) *Wear Purple*

Wednesday, October 20, 7:00 pm

*Wear Purple!* 
Discussion: The Culture That Killed Tyler Clementi 

Tyler Clementi
Tyler Clementi

discussion with Rev Books staff of Revolution newspaper article by Sunsara Taylor

As you read this, there are gay youth in their bedrooms, on the internet, in their churches, at their schools. They are being bullied, humiliated, and picked on. They are being denied the space to even figure out who they are, what they feel, and how they want to love. They are alone and overwhelmed. They are questioning whether the hurt and the shame will ever go away. They are wondering what it is that has made them the objects of such contempt. They are doubting whether there is-or ever will be-any place for them on this planet.

What they don't yet understand is that it is not them, but this putrid culture, this alienating society and its brutal ignorance that is worthy of contempt. What they don't yet understand is that it is not them, but this system that has long outlived its usefulness. What they do not yet understand is that there is a meaningful and urgent role to play now-for everyone who refuses to internalize the hatred aimed at them for failing to conform and instead turns their anger against its source, towards building resistance and, ultimately, making revolution to put an end to this system, to its culture and its crimes.

There is an urgent need right now for radical revulsion against everything that went into the suicide of Tyler Clementi.    read more...