What Wikileaks Reveals: Cables, Lies & Murder...Plus books on US worldwide crimes

Check out these three articles from Revolution newspaper on Wikileaks, and come into the store for books exposing U.S. crimes worldwide (or order here online.) Discussion evening on Wikileaks is planned for Tues. Jan. 18 @ 7 pm.
What Wikileaks Reveals: Cables, Lies & Murder
by Larry Everest
U.S. Lashes Out At Wikileaks
A Tale of Two People

OIL, POWER & EMPIRE: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda  by Larry Everest
"Highly readable, studded with cogent, often startling quotations, the story is at the same time soberly told, factual and horrifying: but above all, enlightening. I can't recommend it too highly for the many struggling to fathom how America came to the present calamitous role of occupying Iraq against local resistance."
- Daniel Ellsberg, author of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers

SECRETS: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg
In 1971 Daniel Ellsberg made history by releasing the Pentagon Papers-a 7,000-page top-secret study of U.S. decision-making in Vietnam-to the New York Times and Washington Post. The document set in motion a chain of events that ended not only the Nixon presidency but the Vietnam War policy.

AFTERMATH: Following the Bloodshed of America's Wars in the Muslim World by Nir Rosen
“Nir Rosen has almost single handedly rescued the name of journalism in the Middle East from a class of reporters who function as courtiers and propagandists for the military and our political elite. Rosen's fierce independence and honesty, as well as an ability to see the wars we are fighting from all sides, make his book exceptional for its nuance, complexity and insight into our bloody march through the Muslim world.” -- Chris Hedges, author of Empire of Illusion

TORTURED: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock
Tortured goes behind the scenes of America's torture program through the personal stories of four American soldiers who were on the frontlines of the "war on terror," including the Abu Ghraib whistleblower.

The Guantanamo Files: The Stories of the 759 Detainees in America's Illegal Prison by Andy Worthington
The first book to tell the story of every man trapped in Guantánamo. “The Guantánamo Files is a meticulous piece of documentation about torture at the beginning of the twenty-first century. In this bracing book, Andy Worthington chronicles the ordeals of the prisoners at Guantánamo with the same sense of poignancy, compassion and outrage with which Goya, in the nineteenth century, painted ‘The Third of May 1808,’ and Picasso, in the twentieth century, painted ‘Guernica.’ This is an extremely vital and important piece of work.”
Martin Fisher, Co-Producer of the film, ‘Taxi to the Dark Side."
Bringing Forward Another Way by Bob Avakian

What is driving the wars being waged, and wars being threatened, by "our government"? Why we have to break out of the whole framework of "the war on terror" and go for a different future free from both US imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism.

On July 6, 2010, Private Bradley Manning, a 22 year old intelligence analyst with the United States Army in Baghdad, was charged with disclosing this video (after allegedly speaking to an unfaithful journalist). The whistleblower behind the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, has called Mr. Manning a 'hero'. He is currently imprisoned in Kuwait. The Apache crew and those behind the cover up depicted in the video have yet to be charged. To assist Private Manning, please see bradleymanning.org.