Discussion on CONSTITUTION For The New Socialist Republic In North America, Jan 11, Tuesday, at Revolution Books

Jan 11, Tuesday at 7pm
Take a radical step into the future!
Come for further exploration of this unique, visionary and amazing document --CONSTITUTION for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal).

from the Introductory Explanation:
"...it has been our purpose, and we have striven to the best of our ability, to put forward as clearly as possible the basic principles that would be embodied in a Constitution for a new socialist state in North America, and much of the specific ways in which these principles would be applied, in order to enable and encourage people to engage, in a serious and substantive way, with the vision that is put forth here of this new socialist state and the potential for a radically different society and world that it represents. For, again, that is our purpose in publishing this Draft Proposal: to stimulate, as broadly as possible, such serious and substantive engagement with this Draft Proposal, and vigorous discussion and debate about what it puts forward as the kind of society and world to be not only imagined but actively struggled for."

(Read the Constitution in pdf form here, purchase online here, or come in to Revolution Books and get your copy.)