Egypt Erupts! Shaking the US Empire, and the Great Potential and Great Challenges for the People. -- February 8, Tuesday, 7pm at Revolution Books

Just posted 2/7/11: new article by Larry Everest 

HOSNI MUBARAK: A profile of an American-Backed Tyrant

Presentation and discussion with Larry Everest, correspondent for Revolution newspaper and author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda
A massive and courageous uprising has erupted throughout Egypt—the most populous Arab country—with the youth at the forefront. What direction this will ultimately go, and how far, is to be determined. But this uprising already has been—and even more could be—an important element in shaking up the whole reactionary world order—giving oxygen to all those who hunger for liberation or are even dissatisfied with the way things are.

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From Bringing Forward Another Way by Bob Avakian
Israel and Its "Special Role" in Relation to U.S. Imperialism

Omar Suleiman: What does torture have to do with the man the U.S. is promoting in Egypt?

Rendition: America's Torturers for Hire in Egypt