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Behind the Battle in Wisconsin – the Pyramid of Power, and the Need for Resistance and Revolution

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Madison, Wisconsin: A Vicious Attack... A Powerful Response... and the Storms to Come

Outrage in Wisconsin! Late Wednesday night, Republicans staged a mini-coup to illegally ram through a law gutting union rights. Thousands rushed to protest but were later forced out of the capitol by police. What’s behind this fascist power grab and assault on the people? What’s the significance of thousands rising up? Where do things need to go from here?

* videos and latest news from Wisconsin. Discussion of Revolution analysis: On Wisconsin.

* What is the right trying to do? Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker right are attempting to slash wages and benefits, and destroy public employee unions – an organized force that is an obstacle to dismantling public education, health care—and just about public "everything."

* The capitalist-imperialist roots of these attacks: even before the current economic crisis, the U.S. imperialists face the necessity of beating out their rivals in the global economy—while pursuing two wars and maintaining military dominance all over the world. Then the economic crisis has devastated state and local government budgets – at the very time there’s much greater need and demand for services.

* The struggle between different sections of the ruling class: how to address these "budget crises" while maintaining political stability and cultural cohesion. Bob Avakian’s “pyramid of power” analysis identifies a clash between "centrist mainstream imperialist thought and program, on the one end, and, on the other end, fascist thought and program—all ultimately serving the same imperialist system."

* What to do? Wisconsin has jolted millions – and raised the need for radical answers. What does the RCP’s new “On the Strategy for Revolution,” ( have to say about the relationship between resistance and revolution, and whether revolution is really possible?

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