Building the Movement for Revolution: Culture and Morality—a Critical Arena of Struggle - Discussion 3-29-11 at Revolution Books

We'll dig into two key topics:

1)  further pathbreaking analysis by Avakian of the cultural and moral dimensions of fascist and right wing movements in the U.S.  Avakian dissects "suburbanism" and the right wing currents that have emerged there--suburbanism not simply as place, but an ethos and ideological force in America, based, from its origins, on oppression and exclusion of black people and other oppressed, and also based on the "seal of parasitism" that stamps life in the imperialist United States. Avakian draws from Lisa McGirr's characterization of suburbia as "individual privacy, private property, and public spaces defined by consumption."

2) Avakian's urgent call for a "radical revolt against a revolting culture." "In short, we need, in today's circumstances, a counter-culture that contributes to and is increasingly part of building a movement for revolution—in opposition to a counter-revolutionary culture. We need a culture of radical opposition to the essence of everything that is wrong with this society and system, and the many different manifestations of that; we need an active searching for a radically better world, within which revolution and communism is a powerful and continually growing pole of attraction."