Showing of "Paperback Dreams" followed by brainstorming session - March 27, Sunday, 7 pm

video showing will be followed by a Brainstorming session to support the store.

PAPERBACK DREAMS is the story of two landmark independent bookstores and their struggle to survive. The film follows Andy Ross, owner of Cody’s Books, and Clark Kepler, owner of Kepler’s Books, over the course of two tumultuous years in the book business.

YOU and your ideas are urgently needed to help Revolution Books not only survive, but flourish! Let's make a strategic fund raising plan together!

Brainstorming topics
  • Building a sustainer base (see below)
  • Author events
  • Artist appearances/special fund raisers
  • other projects to raise money, yard sale, bbq's, socials

Here's the situation with our revolutionary bookstore, and why we cannot survive without your help:

Revolution Books needs your support now - without it, this bookstore cannot exist…and grow!

Revolution Books is about revolution. It’s a hotbed of intellectual ferment and defiant resistance that is grounded in the fact that we do NOT have to live this way and that a whole other world is POSSIBLE.

When events break out in the world, Revolution Books is the place to go: to pick up a stack of Revolution newspaper with it's red hot analysis and science of revolution, to dig deeper through our excellent selection of books, and to engage with a community of people who are eager to understand the world…and transform it! For two weeks running, while millions took to the streets in Egypt, people here crammed into Revolution Books to discuss this historic uprising with a writer for Revolution and wrangle with others about what this means for Egypt and for the world.

Think about how rare and precious this institution is in today’s world…a volunteer store with books, discussions, and major events -- engaging, learning from, and struggling with a wide array of divergent viewpoints -- all working to address and redress the political, ideological, and ecological disasters that we face. At Revolution Books this engagement is integral to the revolutionary society we are working to bring into being, a society founded on the new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian.

But we have a serious problem and we need your help to solve it: our expenses far exceed what we have been bringing in through book sales and donations. We are asking you to be part of our economic support structure, so that, together, we can impact society on a whole other level with literature, critical engagement, and determined action -- all as part of building a movement for revolution!