Chernobyl in Japan: The capitalist nuclear horror - discussion 5-10-11 at Revolution Books

Tuesday, May 10 - 7pm
Chernobyl in Japan: the Capitalist Nuclear Horror
Presentation and Discussion

For a month,
radioactive contamination has poured out of the Fukushima nuclear reactors after the huge earthquake and tsunami along Japan's eastern coast. Radioactive materials have spread over wide swaths where millions of people live. Food crops, tap water, and soil have been contaminated, endangering human health and poisoning ecosystems. Farmers' and fishermen's livelihoods are being ruined...And bodies from the tsunami and quake are still being found. 28,000 people are dead or missing, and 150,000 are still living in temporary shelters.  

The response of the whole world capitalist system to this immense catastrophe has been one of paralysis, lies, cover-ups, denial and the reckless endangering of people's lives.