The Movement for revolution and BAsics 4-19-11 at 7 pm

Join us Tuesday, April 19 for a presentation and discussion on "The movement for revolution and BAsics"

Communism is "encircled" on a global scale, and the RCP's campaign “The Revolution We Need... The Leadership We Have” is crucial in breaking out of this encirclement, and building a movement for revolution.  The campaign's three objectives concentrate urgent needs: to put revolution back on the map in people’s thinking; to make Bob Avakian a well-known point of reference in society; and to bring forward new cores of revolutionaries, of emancipators of humanity.

BAsics, from the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian, ia a potentially powerful contribution to achieving all three of these objectives.

The presentation will be based on the speech “The Movement for Revolution, BAsics, and the April 11 Celebration”, at