Bedrock forces for revolution, breaking with dogma and stereotypes... Presentation & discussion 7-5-11 at 7 pm

Tuesday, July 5, 7-9 pm

In his recent talk, "Birds Cannot Give Birth to Crocodiles, but Humanity Can Soar Beyond the Horizon," Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, explores the recent development of U.S. imperialism, shifts in social relations and conditions in the U.S. and the world, and the challenges they pose to making revolution.

Avakian digs into why:

  • “This is not the time of Marx. Reality does not correspond to the Trotskyite superimposed screen placed over reality—England in the 1840s or Western Europe in the 19th century in general. There is the reality that what we are about does have to be a proletarian revolution, in the sense of its grounding in the most fundamental and largest interests of the proletariat as a class: advancing human society to communism and emancipating all humanity. But this is not a revolution that is going to be made solely by even real proletarians—those in what Lenin referred to as the lower and deeper sections of the working class—and it is certainly not going to be made in some sort of stereotypical "classical" form by ‘THE WORKING CLASS.’”
  • “In fact, most of the forces who will most actively carry out the fight for the seizure of power—and even those actively involved to a large degree in revolutionary work before the conditions emerge to wage the struggle for the seizure of power—will very likely be mainly not proletarians in the strict sense. We are not setting down, and we shouldn't be setting down, some sort of principle and "rule" about this—inventing a stereotype and a convention and imposing that on reality in a different form—but it is quite likely that it will not be mainly proletarians in the strict sense who will be the most active fighters for this revolution, now and at the actual time when everything's on the line in terms of which class is going to hold power in society and what the basic character of society will be.”
    • “So this underscores again why we have to have a living scientific approach, and a living scientific method, in relation to transforming reality.”

    • “There are contradictions, fundamental contradictions, that are asserting themselves today: Profound contradictions in the economic relations, in the social relations, of this society are unresolved—and are unresolvable within this system.”