Kathleen Barry, author of Female Sexual Slavery and Unmaking War, Remaking Men speaks at Rev Books 7-26-11 at 7 pm

Come to Revolution books on Tuesday, July 26 (7 pm) to hear Kathleen Barry, Professor Emerita of Penn State University. Barry's latest book, Unmaking War, Remaking Men, challenges the masculinity of war and reveals through the ongoing wars of today how and why peace is only possible with the remaking of men. She looks to those soldiers who have resisted and refused to fight as models for the new masculinity already in the making.

In a world where Arabs are often being demonized, it is soothing to read a book by such a fine Western intellectual with so much empathy who offers us a unique perspective on how we could untangle the knots of an explosive situation. A must for anyone trying to find solutions to war. —Evelyne Accad, Sexuality and War: Literary Masks of the Middle East
With the courageous vision, scrupulous scholarship, and heartfelt writing that has illumined her books on female sexual slavery, Kathleen Barry here focuses her laser-like intelligence on violence, militarism, and core masculinity. Unmaking War, Remaking Men makes the connections that could save us all. Ignore this book at your peril.  —Robin Morgan 
Kathleen Barry is the author of five books, including Female Sexual Slavery which exposes the epidemic of world-wide female sexual slavery -- practices where girls and women are sexually exploited, physically abused and cannot get away. This pervasive practice cuts across all lines of race, class, and culture. It is the subject of entertainment in pornography and ultimately affects all women. Groundbreaking when it was published in 1979, Female Sexual Slavery is a seminal work on the subject