"Attica" film showing on the prison uprising's 40th anniversary, 9-13-11

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 7-9 pm at Revolution Books
Screening of the film, Attica in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising and in support of the prisoner hunger strikers.

Social unrest in the United States hit a boiling point on September 9, 1971, when inmates at Attica State Prison — after months of protesting inhumane living conditions — revolted, seizing part of the prison and taking 35 hostages. The uprising resulted in the death of 43 people after troopers were called in to suppress the rioters. Three years later, Cinda Firestone released this monumental investigation of the rebellion and its aftermath, piecing together documentary footage of the occupation and ensuing assault with video from the McKay Commission hearings that criticized Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller’s handling of the incident and firsthand interviews with prisoners discharged after the event.

Discussion of Attica rebellion will follow film. See http://revcom.us/a/245/40th-anniversary-attica-prison-rebellion-en.html

40th Anniversary of Attica Prison Rebellion

“We are not beasts and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such.”

We are men! We are not beasts and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such. The entire prison populace—that means each and every one of us here—has set forth to change forever the ruthless brutalization and disregard for the lives of the prisoners here and throughout the United States.
What has happened here is but the sound before the fury of those who are oppressed. We will not compromise on any terms except those terms that are agreeable to us. We call upon all the conscientious citizens of America to assist us in putting an end to this situation that threatens the lives of not only us, but of each and every one of us.
L.D. Barkley, 21-year-old spokesman for the Attica prisoners,
killed by New York state troopers on September 13, 1971
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