Occupy Wall Street's LIVE feed & much more

We have been showing clips of Revolution Talk and other video and holding informal rap sessions on capitalism, police brutality, revolution, the question of human nature at Occupy SF & Oakland. We'd like to do more but we need volunteers to help, call 510-848-1196 if you would like to go to the Occupy encampments with us.
This LIVE video feed for the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York City is sometimes showing live action and sometimes playing back recordings. You can see a bunch of feeds for some of the hundreds of cities participating so far with a search of the live stream website for the word 'Occupy'. Better yet, get over to one of the encampments in the Bay Area in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley. The Defiance, Determination and Resistance of Occupy Wall Street is a very welcome and fresh wind of resistance blowing across the country and beyond.

Check out this transcript of a talk by Raymond Lotta at Occupy Wall Street: Are Corporations Corrupting the System… Or is the Problem the System of Capitalism?

"Capitalism controls, dominates and mangles humanity!"

Also, check this out: Bob Avakian on "What Is Capitalism?"