Police attack Occupy Oakland with massive force: 70-90 people arrested

CLICK TO ENLARE pics from during/after raid on #OCCUPYOAKLAND 10-25-11
Tuesday, October 25:
Stand with Occupy Oakland, gather at
the Main Library 125 14th St,  4pm
& march to the City council meeting.

Hundreds of cops staged a violent military-style assault on Occupy Oakland this morning at 4 am, surrounding the camp, arresting over 70 people and completely destroying the encampment. Police made a dispersal announcement and simultaneously moved on the camp, ripping up tents, scattering belongings everywhere. Flash grenades went off and smoke filled the air.  As word spread of the attack, others came to downtown Oakland to protest. Police made more arrests - we witnessed incidents of police suddenly swarming in on people and taking them away.

The second encampment (Snow Park) near Lake Merritt was also raided. Oakland Mayor Quan defended the raid in the name of “sanitation” and “public safety.” She issued a statement saying “I commend Chief Jordan for a generally peaceful resolution to a situation that deteriorated and concerned our community.”

This is NOT over. all kinds of people must speak out against this attack. Revolution Books will be in downtown Oakland joining with the people and distributing Revolution newspaper this afternoon. If you are part of the 99 percent: join us there or call the bookstore (510-848-1196) to hook up!