OUTERNATIONAL Sunday 4-22-12 at 7 pm


at Revolution Books !
7pm! All Ages!
$5 and up!
2425 Channing Way, Berkeley

"See, That Border Ain’t Sacred Or Chosen 
The Land We Stand On, Every Inch Of It Stolen 
How Obscene That There’s People Illegal 
Vilified Survival, The Journey Is Lethal!"
Outernational / "We Are All Illegals"

Follow the band on their We Are All Illegals tour here

"Outernational uncompromisingly tells the truth, and they paint a picture of the world the way they see it and a way that we don't hear on the radio and television as much as people need to." 
-Tom Morello

"Seeing is believing. They are down for the cause. They live it; it is no bullshit. It's awesome and humbling and inspiring all at the same time. The new grassroots movement has Outernational for soil."
 -Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"Channeling the radical stance and the disregard for stylistic parameters that were a hallmark of the Clash, New York City’s Outernational is hellbent on restoring righteous indignation to rock and roll."
 -The New Yorker

"Coupled with dynamic rhythms that somehow flow together like streams of water, their ripped-from-the-headlines lyrics of liberation struggle had the audience literally—at least in the case of one wild fan in a Mexican wrestling mask—hanging from the rafters." 
-The Village Voice

*This performance at Revolution Books in Berkeley benefits the BA Everywhere campaign to raise big money to get Bob Avakian’s vision and works into every corner of society. 


With roots directly planted in the original bohemian Greenwich Village, NYC’s Outernational has assembled an arsenal of blistering #futurerock and roll, defiant lyrics and an infectious sense of rhythm that is reminiscent of both The Clash and Rage Against The Machine. In fact, Tom Morello of RATM thought so much of the band that he produced their 6 track Debut EP Eyes on Fire, released December 2009 alongside the music video Sir No Sir

 - a challenging criticism of the war in Afghanistan, fueled by a massive wah-wah guitar riff and trumpet clarion call.

In 2010, Outernational toured to Arizona to oppose SB1070, confronting the racist immigration law in a controversial Phoenix AZ club date and 3 performances at the Alto Arizona protests, along with a version of Woody Guthrie's ‘Deportees’ - reinvented as a Mexican-influenced folk duet with Tom Morello and debuted in an exclusive music video from Cuéntame.  In 2011,
 Outernational visited Arizona alongside The Sound Strike and met with students from U.N.I.D.O.S. resisting HB2881 and other attacks on their education.  In 2012, Amnesty International released another classic cover from Outernational, this time of Bob Dylan’s ‘When The Ship Comes In’ performed with original Dylan/John Lennon drummer Jim Keltner.

The events in Arizona and the band’s larger vision have led to Outernational’s new 18-track name-your-price mixtape "Todos Somos Ilegales" - a bi-lingual cinema-in-sound concept album about the border, the USA and the system which criminalizes
 those who create the wealth it rests upon.  The record features collaborations with Calle 13 (9-Time Latin Grammy Winner in 2011), Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers),  Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No!) and Uproot Andy (Que Bajo?!).  With tightly-woven soundscapes referencing hard rock, hip hop, cumbia, corridos, gypsy punk, spaghetti westerns, chicha, vintage soul and even bachata, Outernational's 'Todos Somos Ilegales' is a singular album for 2012.  

Outernational is embarking on the 2-month 'We Are All Illegals Tour' traveling from the Texas borderlands of Brownsville, Laredo and El Paso through O’odham indigenous lands in Arizona; across the southwest to California; back to Texas for two dates with Calle 13 and culminating in featured headliners in St Louis, Chicago and the rotten apple, New York