Woman on the Edge of Time book discussion 7-27-12

New Program at Revolution Books:  BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB

July's Book:
Woman on the Edge of Time  
by Marge Piercy

Book Discussion the Last Friday of the Month:
July 27th at 7pm

Then join our group discussion at the end of the month

Thirty-seven-year-old latina, Connie Ramos, caught up in a racist and destructive mental health system, is visited by Luciente, who she soon finds out is from a future where environmental destruction, gender, racism, consumerism, and the division between those who work with their minds and those who work with their hands no longer exist...... Connie learns that she is living at an important time in history, and she herself is in a pivotal position; her actions and decisions will determine the course of history. (Published in 1976)