Update on 1st days of BAsics Bus Tour (NY) 7-19-12

Thursday, July 19 at 7 pm

Come to Revolution Books for a NEW video update on the  BAsics Bus Tour (New York). New York is the headquarters of empire, and ground zero for unending war, stop-and-frisk, and targeting immigrants and Muslims. Volunteers will be spreading BA, revolution, and internationalism -- going straight up against American No. 1 jingoism, getting out thousands of palm cards with two quotes from BAsics: “American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People’s Lives” “Internationalism—The Whole World Comes First” Almost $30,000 more is needed....contribute to and follow the BAsics Bus Tour at basicsbustour.tumblr.com.

And...Watch and spread this video everywhere!
It paints a compelling picture of how the movement for revolution is developing, with the BAsics Bus Tour at the heart of it. Hear from people who met the tour and hear Carl Dix, Sunsara Taylor and Clyde Young. The film captures the hope people feel when they find out that there could be a radically different and far better future by encountering the vision and works of Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader who has developed a new synthesis of communism, and which is concentrated in the book BAsics. It needs to be seen by thousands of people today, which can make a big difference in involving people in the movement for revolution.