BAsics Bus Tour -- Coming to UC Berkeley!
(see schedule at the bottom of this post)

The BAsics Bus Tour has been building the movement for revolution and spreading the book BAsics -- a handbook for revolution and an introduction to the new synthesis communism developed by Bob Avakian. The first bus Tour went through California, the second tour traveled through the South, to Sanford, Florida where Trayvon Martin was murdered. The most recent tour focused on the Bronx and Brownsville in Brooklyn, where the NYPD's policy of stop-and-frisk is the most intense. Thousands of people, especially those most oppressed by this system, have been impacted by, and supported, these tours, connecting with Avakian's vision of revolution and communism.

Now the BAsics bus tour coming to UC Berkeley – and other campuses across the country - and students and many other people can step in and join the emerging movement for revolution.  There are many ways to participate, be part of this, and help, many things to learn and do.

Why is the bus tour so important and why should people take part?

* Because planes, missiles, tanks of the USA and its allies bombard people in faraway lands while they sleep in their homes or go about their daily lives, blasting their little children to pieces, cutting down men and women in the prime of life, or in old age, kicking down their doors in the middle of the night
 *Because right here in the USA itself the police harass, brutalize and murder youth in the streets of the inner cities. Because the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with over 2.4 million locked up, 6 million in prison, probation or parole, the majority Black and Latino.
* Because there is a war on women in this country... from Christian fundamentalist attacks on abortion and contraception, to the increasingly violent and degrading global pornography industry and the “pornification” of the culture overall, to the blaming and shaming of women who are the victims of harassment and rape.

This list could go on and on.  And universities are supposed to be places where critical thinking about these kinds of issues are debated - but in the main this does not happen and is suppressed.  And now the elections assault us.  But it's one more sham - as BAsics puts it: "The essence of what exists in the US is not democracy but capitalism-imperialism and political structures to enforce that capitalism-imperialism.  What the US spreads around the world is not democracy, but imperialism and structures to enforce that imperialism."

But the most important reason the bus tour is important is because things DO NOT have to be this way.  A far better socialist world is possible, and an emancipated humanity is possible in a communist world.  And this is what we are working on now - to raise funds to bring BA everywhere.  Because if Bob Avakian's work, vision, and leadership become a point of reference and debate on campus and throughout society, it will make a very big difference.  The whole social and political culture will “breathe” more freely, people will wrangle passionately over big questions concerning the direction of society, and the times will once again resonate with big dreams for fundamental change and the emancipation of humanity.

There are many ways to take part - key nodal points in the next few weeks are on the other side.

Revolution Club in the Bay Area:
Revolution Books 2425 Channing Way in Berkeley 510-848-1196

Event Schedule for UC Berkeley! Key junctures and nodal points:

Saturday, Sept. 1

- 11:30am meet at Sproul Plaza steps to go to East Oakland to involve people in the BAsics Bus Tour.

- 5pm Revolution Club meeting at the Free Speech Café

Wednesday, Sept. 5 – BAsics Bus Tour to UC Berkeley

- 12pm Join us at Bancroft and Telegraph

- 4pm Report back from BAsics Bus Tour to the South and NYC

Wednesday, Sept. 12 – Basics Bus Tour to UC Berkeley

- 12pm Join us at Bancfroft and Telegraph

Thursday, Sept. 13

- 12pm “Blow the Whistle on Stop & Frisk” protest against NYPD's notorious racial profiling and harassment, and the epidemic of police brutality and murder across the country. Then come take the protest out to East Oakland.

Saturday, Sept. 15

- “Iran at a Crossroads: threat of war, imprisonment, massacre, resistance and struggle!
Special Program 5-8pm at Wheeler hall, Maude Fife Room