Anti-Thanksgiving and Red Friday activities

This holiday season
let's spread internationalism
and raise our outraged voices
to stand with the people of Gaza
and against the crimes of imperialism.

Let's go out and forge a community of people working together to project Bob Avakian's vision and works to all corners of society. Let's hasten a real revolution!

THURSDAY - Anti-Thanksgiving activities
  • Mass leaflet against the massacre in Gaza to thousands attending Alcatraz “Un-Thanksgiving” Sunrise Ceremony
  • Bring revolution into your dinner-table discussions on Thursday afternoon and evening with new audio clips
FRIDAY - paint it RED with Revolution Books
  • Take out material on Gaza & revolution to Black Friday shoppers on Telegraph Ave. & to shoppers (& strikers) at the E. Oakland Walmart
  • Volunteer with Revolution Books in the store Friday to help us promote Revolution in a variety of ways
THURSDAY: Join Revolution Books and the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, to take leaflets to the thousands who attend the Annual “Un-Thanksgiving” Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island on Thursday. We will be taking out the leaflet “Israel's Murderous Assault on the People in Gaza, And the need to oppose these Crimes NOW” and the “Call to End Hostilities” from the Hunger Strike leaders at Pelican Bay State Prison. There will be mass-leafleting on the docks as people get on the boats - and on Alcatraz.

To join us meet at Pier 33 at 4am-4:45 am, Thursday morning, Nov. 22nd. If you wan to go to Alcatraz, you will need to purchase tickets to Alcatraz online. To hookup at the docks or to volunteer to mass leaflet people getting on boats, call 510-926-5207.

THURSDAY: Bring revolution into your dinner-table discussions on Thursday afternoon and evening. Listening to the audio clip "Why There Is No 'Right to Eat' Under Capitalism" by Bob Avakian or the Cornel West interview with Bob Avakian might be good ways to spark the discussion.

FRIDAY: On "Black Friday" at 11 am volunteer with Revolution Books in the store. Or go out with others to reach the shopping crowds on Telegraph & striking workers and shoppers at Walmart in East Oakland (starting at 1:30 pm) with materials on Gaza, quotes from BAsics, Revolution Books cards. Help distribute the new issue of Revolution newspaper. Volunteers needed Saturday and Sunday too....

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