Mark Hummel & Big Road Blues 12-13-12

Mark Hummel, harmonica maestro, leader of the Blues Survivors, and author of Big Road Blues, 12 Bars on I – 80, will perform and read at Revolution Books on Thursday, December 13th at 7 p.m.

In tales brewed from twenty six years on the blues highway, Big Road Blues tells the story of a blues musician's life and trials, driving to and entertaining in clubs with his band of Blues Survivors, as they travel around the USA and the world.

Hummel first learned about the blues as a white teenager living in L.A. In his book he expresses his awe, admiration and affection for the African American originators of the blues. He writes about how he learned to play and the many musicians who have influenced him, such as Johnny Waters and Sonny Lane. “Johnny, from Mississippi, and Sonny, from Arkansas, provided my introduction to hanging out with older, Southern blues musicians, both from the standpoint of the culture and the history. I was just a young, white kid and thought I knew it all, but nonetheless, I was totally intrigued with the stories these guys told, particularly about hanging out with Muddy Waters' band in the 1960's, which Sonny had done.”