Discussion on Zero Dark Thirty 1-29-13

Tuesday, Jan 29th at 7pm

Zero Dark Thirty, or How a People Lose Their Humanity

Presentation and Discussion


Sharon Adams, Chair of the Committee Against Torture, and Board Member, of the National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter

William Butkus, Amnesty International Western Regional Field Organizer 
See: Three things you should know about Zero Dark Thirty and torture

Larry Everest, reporter for Revolution newspaper and author of Oil, Power, and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda.

ZDT claims to be a "just a movie" -- one based on facts about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Yet many - from revolutionaries to human rights activists - argue the movie promotes the illegal, immoral war crime of torture, celebrates the whole U.S. war for empire that followed 9/11, and argue that people of conscience take a stand against the justification and use of torture. Leading U.S. senators are calling for congressional investigations into how much the CIA helped make the movie. Meanwhile the movie is also receiving extravagant praise and from many liberal commentators.
Katherine Bigelow, the director, is on the cover of TIME magazine. 

Come hear Sharon Adams, William Butkus, and Larry Everest dissect the film, assess the significant of the controversy, and share their views on what should be done. All three speakers have been involved in mobilizing active protests to challenge Zero Dark Thirty.

This event is co-sponsored by World Can't Wait.