New interview of Bob Avakian by Michael Slate on KPFK 1-11-13 to 2-8-13

Join us Friday at Revolution Books to listen to Michael Slate interviewing Bob Avakian, in a new five part interview, which began airing on KPFK in L.A. on 1/11. This Friday, February 8, we will listen to Part 5, the conclusion of this interview

We come into this part off of a question that was posed in the previous part: Do people have to be angels in order for such a revolution and socialist society to be realized? Avakian answers "No." Digging into this, he paints a picture of what his new synthesis of communism would look like in socialist society. And he talks about what it is that keeps him on the revolutionary road.

You can also listen to the interview live at 10 am 8 on