Panel: Outrage in India & Resisting the Global Culture of Rape-1-17-13

Panel Discussion:
Outrage in India...  Resisting the Global Culture of Rape

Thursday, January 17th - 7pm    


Preeti Shekar of the organization, Narika,
which promotes the empowerment of South Asian women to confront and overcome domestic violence and exploitation, and which works to build a movement to end violence against women and to actively support women’s rights as human rights.

Shakthi Nataraj, PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at UC Berkeley who has worked with the Shakti Resource Center for Gender and Sexuality and Sangama, in South India.
Larry Everest, Revolution newspaper correspondent, author of Behind the Poison Cloud: Union Carbide's Bhopal Massacre and other books.

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A courageous, heroic uprising of women and men following the brutal rape on the bus in Mahipalpur has convulsed India, and sent tremors throughout the entire world. The righteous fury unleashed on the streets of Delhi, and the anger burning in the hearts of millions at the anguish inflicted on the woman who was trying to take a bus ride home, is a harbinger of the future and a concentration of one of the most decisive and fundamental questions of our time.

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