Anti-President's Day: No Celebration for Slave Masters 2-18-13

Monday, February 18, 7 pm

Anti-President's Day Discussion:

No Celebration for Slave Masters .... or Rapacious Imperialist Commanders in Chief

BA on Obama:  "Let's Be Real Here: As Bad As Bush Was, In Many Ways Obama Is Worse..."  (audio excerpt)

BA on the "founding fathers":  "You do know that out of the first five presidents of the United States, four of them were slave owners. You do know that, don't you?...So don't come talking to me about the founding fathers and Jefferson and Madison."
-from Concerning the Thomas Jefferson Controversy...Automatically Disqualified

We Need:   Revolution-- Nothing Less!

We'll listen to the audio excerpt on Obama and discuss who the "founding fathers" really were --why they should be "automatically disqualified" from any discussion of a better world, and why people should get into BA for revolution and a radically different planet!

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