BA Speaks: Revolution --Nothing Less"...Film Premiere and Building the Movement for Revolution

Friday, Nov. 15th,2012
Pacific Film Archive Theater*, 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Tuesday, February 12, 7pm

"BA Speaks: Revolution --Nothing Less"...March Film Premiere and Building the Movement for Revolution.

Presentation and discussion

If humanity is going to fight its way out of this horrific nightmare and create a world where human beings can rise to their full potential and truly flourish, it will be because of the work and leadership of Bob Avakian. And it will be because people—beginning with YOU—get into this work, get with this leadership, and fight for others to do the same.

In March, a new film of a major speech given by Bob Avakian in the fall of 2012 will premiere. This film can make a world of difference in a world that needs nothing more than to be radically different. Whether that happens depends on us.

BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less! will open people’s eyes to the world around them as they have never seen it before.

The problem—and the solution—will be here. And YOU are needed to help make sure everyone who needs to be there IS there. You are needed to make this premiere an event no one can ignore.

As BA has said, “If you’re serious—and this is serious—dig into it and learn about it. That’s your responsibility.”