Hook up with the Revolution! BA Everywhere meeting 5-10-13

The next meeting of the BA Everywhere Committee will be Friday, May 17th at Revolution Books at 6 p.m.

Come to discuss and make plans to raise funds to make BA and his new synthesis of revolution and communism known, debated, and discussed in every corner of society. In March, hundreds of people around the country attended the premiere of the film, “BA Speaks: Revolution – Nothing Less!”

As Bob Avakian and what he represents become talked about all over, a lot more people can begin to see that there is another way the world could be, and this will start to change the whole atmosphere in society and bring forward new people on different levels to contribute to and be a part of the movement for revolution.

At this meeting we will make plans for BA Everywhere fundraising and to take the film out into the world this spring and summer. Bring your energy, your enthusiasm and your creative ideas to this meeting. Brainstorm and make plans with others who want to be part of getting BA Everywhere.

Imagine the Difference It Could Make! A Mass Campaign to
Raise Big Money to Get BA's Vision and Works into Every Corner of Society