RAGE & JOY - Party for a Different World 6-10 pm on Friday June 14

RAGE & JOY - Party for a Different World
6-10 pm on Friday June 14 
Fundraising Party for "BA Everywhere...Imagine the Difference It Could Make!"  
Classic Cars West (a vintage car and art gallery)
411 - 26th Street in Oakland (in the Uptown Arts district, near Telegraph Ave.)
Music . Dance .  Food
 To all who wish and dream
that life and the world could be
another way, there is a campaign for you
to take up this summer that will make a very big
difference, spreading the work and leadership of Bob
Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.
If we succeed, the whole social and political culture will breathe
more freely, people will wrangle passionately over big questions concerning
the direction of society … and the times will once again resonate with big dreams for fundamental change and the emanicipation of humanity.

Big funds are urgently needed to kick start this summer's activities.

Because of BA and the work he has done, there really is a viable vision and strategy for a radically new, and much better, society and world, and the crucial leadership that is needed to carry forward the struggle toward that goal.

Bring a favorite dish to share and  your friends.  

Call 510-387-5615 if you would like to volunteer, contribute music, poetry, funds or anything else to make this a great event!