Step-Back & Potluck for BA Everywhere 7-7-13

Launching BA Everywhere Summer 2013

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We are facing “A Summer of Big Challenges and Intense Struggle,” where the situation in the world, and in this country, is very intense. There is potential for eruptions “in the routine,” of one kind or another.  Several weeks ago, we saw it in Turkey as massive struggle seemingly erupted “out of nowhere” and we're seeing it now in Brazil.  We are seeing it in a negative way in Syria, where the imperialists maneuver and intrigue in a horrific civil war, with unforeseeable and possibly explosive consequences. We may see this around Guantánamo, where the eyes of the world are on the hunger strikers standing up to America’s lawless torture dungeon. There is the quickening pace of natural disasters, aggravated by capitalism’s insanely heedless destruction of the environment—disasters which under this system almost inevitably give rise to dislocation, suffering, neglect, repression, and crisis.

A Cauldron of Contradictions

There is all that, and then there is what is going on right here, in the U.S. with the trial of George Zimmerman, who has admitted to stalking and killing the Black youth Trayvon Martin. The eyes of millions and tens of millions are focused on this.

At the same time, in California, prisoners who have been locked down in the torture of solitary confinement for years and even decades have announced their determination to go on a hunger strike on July 8th if their very basic demands for humane treatment and reforms are not met. 2.4 million people are kept in the U.S. prison system—the largest number of any country in the world.
Meanwhile, across the country, state legislatures are moving at a breakneck pace to outlaw abortion—and to thereby force women who become pregnant, for any reason, to become mothers.

Add into that cauldron of contradictions BA Everywhere—the campaign to raise big money to get word out on Bob Avakian’s analysis of the SOURCE of these problems... and, even more, the SOLUTION to them. Scores and hundreds of people will be going all over, bringing forward thousands more to donate money to get the word out, in film showings and other forms, about the way out of this madness and the leadership to forge that way. Imagine, as all these contradictions and struggles simmer and bubble and maybe boil over, that THIS answer is out there as a dynamic force on the terrain, exercising a growing magnetic power... raising people’s sights... and spurring people forward.

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