Discussion of a vision of a new socialist society: gay marriage, civil rights and abolishing all oppression 7-1-13

Gay Marriage: A Basic Right! A Just Demand
This does not have to be a world where people are hounded, discriminated against, degraded, and killed for their sexual orientation. In today’s world, it is critical that everyone fight for “marriage equality.” And as we do that, those who really want to get beyond the subjugation of women and gays in society must link that struggle to a revolutionary movement, and a revolution that will allow humanity, for the first time, to envision and bring into being new forms of intimacy and relationships that are liberated from all the ugly traditional oppression of women.

Excerpts from the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA:
[Under socialism] No one shall be subjected to denial or abridgement of rights or liberty, or to discrimination, on the basis of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religious or other belief. (Page 69, from Section 2. Legal and Civil Rights and Liberties.)
The oppression of women arose together with the emergence of exploitative class divisions among human beings thousands of years ago, has been carried forward and become deeply entrenched in all societies ruled by exploiting classes, and was a marked feature of the imperialist United States of America and its domination and influence in the world. Abolishing and uprooting all this is one of the most important objectives of the New Socialist Republic in North America. This is expressed not only in full legal equality between women and men, but beyond that in the declared orientation and policy of this Republic to overcome all “tradition's chains” embodied in traditional gender roles and divisions, and all the oppressive relations bound up with this, in every sphere of society, and to enable women, as fully as men, to take part in and contribute to every aspect of the struggle to transform society, and the world, in order to uproot and abolish all relations of oppression and exploitation and emancipate humanity as a whole. (Page 6, from the Preamble.)
One of the most important purposes of the educational system in the New Socialist Republic in North America is to enable students (and the people broadly) to learn deeply about the reality of, and the basis for, the oppression of whole peoples, and the domination and oppression of women, in the former imperialist USA and throughout the world where societies have been founded on exploitation and ruled by exploiting classes – and, on this basis, to become deeply dedicated to and actively involved in the fight to uproot and eliminate all such relations of inequality and oppression. This shall also be the approach with regard to discrimination against and oppression of people based on sexual orientation, which is closely bound up with traditional gender roles and the oppression of women. (Page 33, from the section on Education.)

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