On the System's Murder of Trayvon Martin and Torture of California Prisoners: THEY MUST NOT—THEY WILL NOT—GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!

Presentation, discussion, and urgent meeting with Larry Everest.
Thursday August 1st at 7:00 pm

The whole country was rocked—and is rocking—over the outrageous acquittal of George Zimmerman.  And many are watching as thousands of California prisoners courageously hunger striking -- and putting their lives on the line -- against the torture of solitary confinement.  They state that they are doing this "to not only improve their conditions but also as an act of solidarity with all prisoners and oppressed people around the world."  One prisoner - Billy 'Guero' Sell - has already died.

These crucial battles mark a watershed moment.  Millions need to stand up and demand "Justice for Trayvon!" and "Support the CA Prison Hunger Strikers!"  This moment must become the time when when people began to see that you couldn’t reform this shit, and a whole different way—a revolution—was needed.  But that will take STRUGGLE—struggle in the streets that must not be allowed to die down...and struggle against ways of thinking that will take us right back into the arms of the forces that have been carrying out crime after crime after crime... for hundreds of years.

It is on all people of conscience and on all revolutionaries to ACT! What does this mean?

In times like these, as the strategy statement stresses, there is the possibility to make LEAPS, not just incremental advances, in accumulating forces for revolution.  There are millions now agonizing over some of the largest questions of what kind of society do we live in, and whether anything else is possible. The revolutionary line has to be fought for.  And, especially in times like these, there is not only a burning need to get out there with revolutionary agitation to polarize and repeatedly re-polarize the situation, there is the extraordinary possibility to do this almost literally everywhere.