Video Presentation on Syria w/ Larry Everest 9-9-13

Monday, September 9 at 7pm

Imperialism - Not Humanitarianism:  Only Worse Suffering and Horrors can Result from a U.S. Attack on Syria

Presentation and Q & A with Larry Everest, Revolution correspondent and author of Oil, Power and Empire.

Listen to Larry Everest on KPFA re Syria 9/7/13

The U.S. is threatening to strike Syria with planes and/or cruise missiles in the wake of reports of hundreds of deaths from chemical weapons in a rebel-held section of Damascus. 
These attacks must be opposed with determined political protest and clear-eyed understanding of how they would make the situation worse.
The driving force behind escalated U.S. threats against Syria has little to do with this incident. And it has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian concerns. It is essential people understand what is behind U.S. moves and not be duped into passive complicity with a U.S. attack on Syria that would make the situation much worse for the people of Syria, and the world...(see Only Worse Suffering and Horrors Can Result from a U.S. Attack on Syria)
On Saturday, August 31, President Barack Obama gave a speech full of lies to justify an immoral war of imperialism. Congress returns to session on Monday, September 9.
Obama's speech was a move to impose a very warped, distorted, and false framework on discussion and debate over a U.S. attack on Syria. It situated a U.S. attack within a big lie about the benevolent role the U.S. has played and is playing in the world today. A U.S. attack on Syria would be another war crime in the long annals of U.S. war crimes. And, such an attack has the potential to spin out of control in unpredictable ways. Obama's speech was aimed at manufacturing public opinion within the U.S., but also at hammering out unity within the U.S. ruling class for an assault on Syria....(Read more)
Read Bringing Forward Another Way by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.