RE-SHOWING SUNDAY! 'Abortion Rights Emergency in Mississippi & Albuquerque' w/ Sunsara Taylor. VIDEO SHOWING OF A CONVERSATION. 4pm 11-3-13

 ***   RE-SHOWING SUNDAY!  4pm  11-3-13   ***

Revolution Books will be showing a video recording of this discussion which took place on October 27, 2013. Following the video showing, we will have a discussion about it.

From Nov 2- 6, woman-hating Christian fascists plan to lay siege to the last clinic in Mississippi. On Nov. 19, a vote in Albuquerque could ban abortion at 20 weeks, closing down two of the four doctors left who openly provide late term abortions to women nationwide.

It is immoral to abandon the women of Mississippi and New Mexico, and it is delusional to think that if these attacks are not defeated that similar restrictions won't soon face women everywhere. In just the last three years alone, more than 50 abortion clinics have been forced to close. is mobilizing people to go down to Jackson and Albuquerque and to stand up wherever they are.

Come learn more about this state of emergency and what you can do to turn the tide.

Dr. Willie Parker is an OB-GYN who regularly flies down to Jackson to provide abortions at the last clinic in Mississippi. His most recent work has focused on ending violence against women and sexual assault, and protecting women's reproductive health rights through advocacy. 

Sunsara Taylor is a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, a writer for Revolution newspaper, and the initiator of the movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women ( In the summer of 2013 she led a month-long, 15-state Abortion Rights Freedom Ride.