The Liberating Experience of Previous Socialist Revolutions 11.26.13

On the Real - Liberating - Experience of Previous Socialist Revolutions
Discussion at Revolution Books

Tuesday, November 26  7:00 PM

Read this special new issue of Revolution on the experience of previous socialist revolutions, and bring your thoughts and questions to this discussion.

The first wave of socialist societies -- beginning with the short-lived Paris Commune in 1871, and then in the Soviet Union from 1917 to the mid-1950s, and in China from 1949 to 1976 -- accomplished great things. They were the rising of the wretched of the earth, involving hundreds of millions in determined struggle to overthrow the old order an build a new world. It is the summing up of these great achievements, as well as their shortcomings, that forms a key part of BA's new synthesis of communism, and the forging of a way forward to emancipate humanity.

Read the 4-part interview with political economist Raymond Lotta : You Don't Know What You Think You "Know" About...The Communist Revolution and the Real Path to Emancipation:Its History and Our Future

 No Wonder They Slander Communism, by Bob Avakian

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