Discussion: Making Revolution & Emancipating Humanity: Not Bowing Down to Necessity 1-7-14

A two part discussion...

Part 1 on Tuesday, January 7th, 7 pm

Discussion of the article from  “Thoughts Provoked by 'Hastening While Awaiting—Not Bowing Down to Necessity,'” and the first 6 paragraphs from “Making Revolution and Emancipating Humanity, Pt. 2,  EVERYTHING WE’RE DOING IS ABOUT REVOLUTION, by Bob Avakian
"Revolution is not made by "formulas," or by acting in accordance with stereotypical notions and preconceptions-it is a much more living, rich and complex process than that. But it is an essential characteristic of revisionism (phony communism which has replaced a revolutionary orientation with a gradualist, and ultimately reformist one) to decide and declare that until some deus ex machina-some god-like EXTERNAL FACTOR-intervenes, there can be no essential change in the objective conditions and the most we can do, at any point, is to accept the given framework and work within it, rather than (as we have very correctly formulated it) constantly straining against the limits of the objective framework and seeking to transform the objective conditions to the maximum degree possible at any given time, always being tense to the possibility of different things coming together which bring about (or make possible the bringing about of) an actual qualitative rupture and leap in the objective situation.

Part 2 (originally scheduled for January 12 is postponed, date TBA)

Viewing and Discussion of the section from the film BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less! "Could we really win... really?"

This is an extremely important part of the speech-for unless and until there is a real revolution, then the horrors that are exposed in this film will go on, and the real possibilities for a future in which humanity actually flourishes will not be realized.  Such a revolution does critically involve the defeat and dismantling of the oppressive state power of the ruling class, at a point when the conditions for doing that have been brought into being-with those conditions including a deep-going crisis, owing fundamentally to the nature and workings of the system itself,  the emergence of a revolutionary people numbering in their millions and millions willing and determined to fight for revolutionary change, and the leadership of a revolutionary communist vanguard.