DANIEL RASMUSSEN, author of 'American Uprising - The Untold Story of America's Largest Slave Revolt' 2-25-14, 7pm

Tuesday, February 25, at 7 pm
author of the New York Times bestseller, 
American Uprising

“Breathtaking…  Rasmussen’s scholarly detective work reveals a fascinating narrative of slavery and resistance.” – Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

American Uprising is the riveting account of the largest act of armed resistance against slavery in the history of the United States—and one of the defining moments in the history of New Orleans and the nation. In January 1811, a group of around 500 enslaved men, dressed in military uniforms and armed with guns, cane knives, and axes, rose up from the slave plantations around New Orleans and set out to conquer the city. Ethnically diverse, politically astute, and highly organized, this slave army challenged not only the economic system of plantation agriculture but also American expansion.
No North American slave revolt—not Gabriel Prosser, not Denmark Vesey, not Nat Turner—has rivaled the scale of this rebellion either in terms of the number of the slaves involved or in terms of the number who were killed. Over 100 slaves were slaughtered by federal troops and French planters, who then sought to write the event out of history and prevent the spread of the slaves’ revolutionary philosophy.