Emergency Discussion on Ukraine: Not a “Democratic Uprising” but a Clash Between Predators 3-4-14

presentation by Larry Everest
The Central European country of Ukraine is being convulsed by conflict and upheaval and foreign intervention, and people are being systematically lied to and misled about what's behind the dangerous tensions in Ukraine.
The overwhelming aspect of what's taking place in the streets and government offices of Ukraine is not a "popular revolt," or a battle between corrupt Soviet-style autocrats and enlightened pro-Western, anti-corruption activists. The United States, European powers, Russia and Ukraine's rulers are not fighting for "democracy," or the interests of the people of Ukraine or anywhere else.
Things You Can Do…
  • Read, discuss, and spread this article through social media and in the streets.
  • Join or call protests, forums, and speakouts against U.S. or NATO military involvement in Ukraine.
  • Stay tuned to and promote revcom.us as the place to go for exposure, analysis, and how to act on the situation from the perspective of the RCP's statement "On the Strategy for Revolution."
What is going on is essentially a battle within the Ukrainian capitalist ruling class that is inextricably bound up with and profoundly shaped by rivalry between oppressive great powers—in particular between the U.S. and the European Union on one side and Russia on the other. Within this context, different sections of the Ukrainian people are being manipulated and used to serve reactionary and imperialist aims. Nothing good can come of this struggle on its current terms and in its current configuration. 
The existing world order will not fundamentally change without conscious forces acting on it, but it is not a wall of permanence and stability, particularly now. All this underscores, once again, the crying need to work urgently for the emergence of genuine revolutionary communist leadership to forge another path for humanity, away from this dark past of oppressive regimes and cynical wars. Without this, imperialist and reactionary forces will continue to plunge the world into new, unprecedented nightmares.