Abortion Rights Emergency Actions April 11 & 12, 2014

We urge everyone to join us at these two events organized by Stop Patriarchy as part of nation-wide events and protests

Abortion Rights Emergency! 
Speak-outs/Webcast and PROTESTS 

April 11 & 12th - for events around the country click HERE

Friday April 11: 7pm
Spotlight on Abortion Rights Emergency 
List of Speakers HERE
Women's Building, auditorium, 3543 18th St, off Valencia

Saturday April 12: 4:00pm
Prep @ Washington Square Park,  4:30pm
Procession & assemble at Saints Peter and Paul Church [666 Filbert St]


Join people from many different walks of life across the nation on this day, as we hold silent protests outside of the headquarters of institutions that are spearheading the attacks on abortion rights.  We will raise bloody coat hangers and wear shackles to represent the world they are working for: one where women are driven to desperation, death, and forced motherhood.  Others will hold signs with the names, faces, and facts about women who have died from illegal abortions. After an hour of silent protest we will break the shackles and pledge to resist and reverse these attacks on abortion rights, and win abortion on demand and without apology.


Why are we staging the Bloody Coat Hanger Street Action at Saints Peter and Paul Church?

Saints Peter and Paul Church was the "home parish" for the anti-abortion Walk for "Life" 2014.  This church advocates the DOMA - the federal law that denies the humanity of LGBT people and denies them basic rights in the name of "protecting natural marriage."  Saints Peter and Paul Church hosts events such as the "Unborn Jesus Hour," and hosted hundreds of travelers for the largest protest against abortion rights on the west coast.
Marge Piercy speaks frankly about nearly dying from an illegal abortion at age 18 and why this right is so essential. Recorded as part of testimony to be shared at the Emergency Abortion Rights Speak Out on April 11, 2014 at Advent Lutheran Church in NYC and webcast nationally.

For more info: www.revcom.us