The Strategy for Winning - Special Series 6-5-14 and 6-12-14

Special Series...
"The Strategy for Winning"


Discussion of the film, BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less! June 5th and 12th at 7pm
Many feel that revolution in a country like the US would be, simply put, impossible.
It is not impossible, and there is a strategy for winning.

June 5th
* "Revolution is Possible: the Strategy for Revolution"
* "A Revolutionary situation...the role of youth...& how to work today so that there is a revolutionary force when that time comes"

June 12th
* Could we really win...really?

The discussions will be in the spirit of the article "Some crucial points of revolutionary orientation - in opposition to infantile posturing and distortions of revolution," which begins,
"Revolution is a very serious matter and must be approached in a serious and scientific way, and not through subjective and individualistic expressions of frustration, posturing and acts which run counter to the development of a mass revolutionary movement which is aimed at-and which must be characterized by means that are fundamentally consistent with and serve to bring into being-a radically different and far better world. Revolution, and in particular communist revolution, is and can only be the act of masses of people, organized and led to carry out increasingly conscious struggle to abolish, and advance humanity beyond, all systems and relations of exploitation and oppression."