Calling out for the dreamers and rebels...
The world is a nightmare but it doesn't have to be this way -- there's a strategy and leadership to make revolution in the US, the belly of the beast, and to get to a world where oppression is a memory, but what's missing is YOU!

Sunday, July 22 at 4 pm....
Come this Sunday to Revolution Books for a summer volunteer orientation to find out more (all ages welcome). This store represents for a totally liberated future - no more murderous pigs, no more destruction of women, no more trashing the planet. Even if you have an hour a week, make it count! There is much to do this summer that your creativity and energy can help with....

   •    constructing displays for the bookstore and current events and initiatives
    •    postering around town and promoting the bookstore online and in the media
    •    contacting authors and others to speak at the store
    •    reading and reviewing new books
    •     receiving book orders and record keeping
    •    organizing books and storage
    •    video and website work
    •    fundraising projects
    •    outreach to festivals and concerts